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31 July/1 Aug

Chris Plumb


Willows Lake - Thatcham

1800 - 0200

Hot and sultry. 28ºC and still 18ºC when I packed up at 2am. Bit of a breeze at times but not enough to keep off a veritable plague of mossies - plenty of Jungle Formula was called for!

4 Tench; 3lb 4oz, 3lb, 2lb 13oz, 2lb11oz. 1 Carp; 6lb 11oz. 2 Roach - handsized. 4 Perch.(and another 3lb of blackberries!)

Steady evening's sport on one of the warmest nights I've ever fished. Rotated between maggot and prawn - all the small stuff on mag - 3 tincas and the carp on prawn. Again was nice not to get bothered (too much) by the carp - though they had clearly moved in at the end of the session as I landed the one and 'bumped' a couple more in the last hour.



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