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9 September

Chris Plumb


Willows Lake - Thatcham

1800 - 2300

Warm evening (though temps were starting to plummet when I left) 21º->12ºC.

2 Carp: 13lb 14oz, 7lb 2oz. 2 Tench - both quite small but pushing a lb. 3 Crucians - handsized.

A session topped and tailed by the 2 carp. The biggie snaffled my float fished maggot within 20mins of starting and with a 16 to a 4lb bottom I was grateful for the help of a fellow angler for its netting! In truth the carp were a pain - especially until it got dark as they were clearly pushing out my target fish (I lost a couple more to hook pulls and bumped 2 or 3 more striking at liners). Thankfully the tincas and lovely miniature crucians eventually turned up - only to be pushed out again by the returning carp for the last half an hour. All fish caught in the margins right under my rod tip.


Carp 13lb 14oz.jpg

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On a more curious note, how come when you use double maggot on Willows you get carp, tench and crucians, whereas I get a deep-hooked perchlet or toddler roach every cast?!

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Have had a few perch from Willows this summer - but I find they stop feeding as it gets dark. I always fish lift method so the bait is getting to the bottom quickly which I think also helps..... other than that - dunno😉

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Ah, I like crepuscular fishing, and enjoy the lift method when there is no breeze or undertow, but I pack up when I can no longer see my float. I'll have to stop thinking like a perch and ask Santa for a hurricane lamp this year.

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I use little glostick inserts in my float - get through quite a few during the summer but if you shop around and buy in bulk you can get some good deals - my current batch set me back £8 for a 100 - that was a couple of years ago - keep them in the freezer to extend their 'shelf life'....

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That's a new one on me. They just slip over your float I guess. They must make for exciting watching. I bet you're a wow at rave parties too. Hmm, if there is a Mrs Plumb she must be quite a woman - I find most baulk at maggots in the fridge, let alone inserts in the freezer. After a couple of frustrating sessions at Dixon's (they are in there, just not keen on coming out) I'm back to my fave swim at Dobson's first thing tomoz. Best of luck avoiding the carp at your next session.

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