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14 September

Chris Plumb


River Wye, Llanthomas

1630 - 1930

Warm,sunny evening.

2 Barbel: 5lb 14oz & 7lb 7oz.

Mission accomplished! I usually make a point of NOT fishing when I'm on holiday with Mrs P - I tend to stay married that way! However when a long weekend in the Brecons became a week's stay in Hay due to our Greek holiday falling victim of Covid it would have been churlish not to drop in on Geoff's! I've known Geoff over 20 years and around 9 years ago he acquired a mile (double bank) of the Wye above Hay - and a visit has been on my to-do list ever since. Geoff was ever the genial host when we called in for a cup of tea, a couple of days into our trip - and were treated to a whistle stop tour not just of the fishery but of Hay and its environs! I was back the following evening - this time with some borrowed tackle and a bag of 10mm halibuts. I was only really interested in getting a barbel - not having had one from the Kennet since Oct 2016 and I didn't have long to wait for my first wrap around, resulting in the 5lber. 90 minutes later I was treated to a repeat performance on the other rod - thankfully just before Jacqui declared that she was getting cold and it was time to pack up. It won't be 9 years before I'm back!

Barbel 7lb 7oz.jpg

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You sure know how to treat a girl. I'm sure Mrs P loved every moment. Maybe she'll be insisting on accompanying you on future trips, keeping your maggots in check and unhooking the bream.

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She had plenty to see - loads of kingfishers feeding opposite (as many as 3 at one time) and  a mink swam under the rods and ran up the bank right by us - alas the hoped for (by her at least!) otter sighting didn't happen!

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