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13 November - Part 2

Chris Plumb


River Kennet - Speen Moors

0930 - 1415

Bright and breezy, clouding over with the wind dropping. Mild. River in good nick.

4 Chub 4lb 14oz, 3lb 12oz, 2lb 6oz & a chublet. 4 Roach - best c8oz, 2 Dace, 1 Gudgeon & a brownie.

Had planned to do quite a bit of wandering today but ended up refamiliarising myself with a favourite swim of old. Back in 2004 (25th Sep to be precise) I had 4 chub for over 21lb from this spot (fish of 6.05, 6.0, 4.11 & 4.06), plus 2,5lb bream and a 2lb perch! However since that red letter day I've had nothing remotely that spectacular from here. First trot through today, however, and the float buried within 10 feet of being cast out and the line just went solid. In truth I thought I was into a good 5 alas the scales revealed it was a couple of ounces off! The 2 followed next cast - and I then rested it for an hour or so - which clearly paid off as I had the 3 straight away on my return.

Chub 4lb 14oz.jpg

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