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30 December

Chris Plumb


River Kennet - Speen Moors

0800 - 1430

Cold and bright - clouding over after lunch. AT -1º - 3ºC. Line freezing in the rings for the first couple of hours! River up a good 6+inches on last visit (over the bank in several places) and carrying quite a bit of colour - way more than I expected to see!

2 Chub; 2lb 14oz, 2lb 9oz. 6 Roach - all small. 2 Dace - one good fish of 8+oz and a tiddler. 1 Brown trout (though it was bright silver - sea trout???) 1½lb.

Plan for today was originally to explore some new swims - a strategy that was quickly abandoned when I saw the conditions and I plumped for some reliable favourites to get started (and avoid the prospect of a blank!) The plan worked and by lunchtime I was setting off to explore the bottom end of the fishery (bumping into Merv en route). Alas I was thwarted by flooding and fallen trees which limited access - and prevented me from even getting to the stretch I really wanted to fish. Still I was able to add another chub (the smaller one) and a trout from a rather nice glide which warrants further attention when conditions are a little less sub-optimal!


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