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22 September

Chris Plumb


Alders Lake


0830 - 1100


Foggy start then bright.


3 tench, 3 crucians, 1 bream (all<1lb) 40+ roach and perch.


Fancied a couple of hours just seeing the float go under at regular intervals and not know what would show up next - though the answer to that was mainly roach!!! 1st trip here since it was re-stocked following the the fish kill of 2005. Will probably leave it 2-3 season for the fish to get a bit bigger before I return! One curious aspect of today was that I could only catch on red maggot - tried bread, meat, 4mm pellet and even white mag - not a touch - but as soon as I switched back to red maggot, bites returned immediately!


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