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24 September

Chris Plumb


River Kennet - Newbury


1900 - 2330


Cool and breezy - clear then high cloud and bright moon. 15ºC --->11ºC (but felt cooler!)


1 barbel 5lb 15oz


Mission accomplished! This session was about getting my mate Simon his first ever barbel - a feat he achieved impressively with an 8lb 10oz fish - my 'banker swim' came up trumps again! Simon also had a small >2lb chub, whilst I just about saved my blank though I had loads of sharp taps and knocks all evening - came to the conclusion it was probably signals as the bait (14mm pellet) kept getting stripped from the hair. River up a couple of inches after the morning's downpour and carrying some leaf litter - not as much as I feared however. All fish caught before 2130.


Pic below.



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