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Chris Plumb


0700 - 0900 K&A Canal - Widmead


4 perch( 1lb 11oz, 1lb 9oz, 2<1lb)


0930 - 1230 Warwicks Water


1 bream (1½lb), 2 doz roach & perch.


Calm, high cloud, dry. 8º -> 16º. WT 14ºC



This was meant to be a perching session but the crayfish on the canal were a nightmare. If the perch didn't take the lobworm on the drop the signals were on the bait within a minute (I timed!!). Switched to Warwicks hoping for a late crucian but none were showing. Fished meat and pellet without a bite - all fish to single red maggot. Bream is the 1st I've ever had from this water though!



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