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Chris Plumb


River Itchen, Gaters Mill


0800 - 1900


Overcast, mild and becalmed - shirtsleeves all day. (Perfick!). River 'full', gin clear with LOTS of debris - mainly ranunculus coming down.


74 Grayling ( 26 over a lb of which 17 over 1½lb and 5 over 2lbs - best 2lb 9oz). 10 Brownies (best also 2lb 9oz), 1 chub 3lb 10oz.


River Itchen back to its best - most of the fish were in the faster, streamier water. Paul managed 71 grayling (we both do returns for the EA's national grayling survey) and had 6 over 2lb - his best a fish of 2lb 6oz. Trotted single red maggot (double mag reduced bites significantly). Wrist and elbow rather sore this morning!


Brilliant day! biggrin.gif

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