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April 17th - Shopping!

Darren T


After a hectic weekend in Devon and then work on Tuesday and having the family round on Wednesday (my birthday) its been nice to have an actual day off to chill and do what i want. And what i wanted was to go shopping!


Gerrys of Wimbledon is a large tackle store some 25 minutes drive from me and i thought it only fair to have a poke around to see what they could offer. I had a list of tihngs i definatly wanted to pick up on the trip, the primary one being a chair to sit on (a Korum Deluxe Accessory chair) as well as some bait boxes with no air holes and probably some boots to save me slipping all over the banks.


After paying for my hours parking (£1.20) at the pay and display down the road i headed in and started to scope out the joint. It was a veritable treasure cove in there with, i thought, a good range of products aided by its vast size. Exactly 59 minutes after buying my parking ticket i got back to my car. £125 lighter and one JRC Specialist X-Lite chair, one pair of size 11 Eiger waterproof boots, a nice selection of floats, scissors, two more bait boxes, small scales and another set of hooks heavier. I picked up the same sizes but tied to slightly heavier line. eg. size 16 on about 3lb 8 instead of 2lb 10.


I was tempted to wait on the chair and get the korum deluxe as i had planned, but after sitting on the X-Lite and lifting it up i realised that it was perfect for the job. Very light compared to most others and on sale at £35.99 compared to the 75-85 i was expecting to pay for the korum.


Also while i was in there i tried on some jackets. After being given some vouchers for Glasgow Angling Centre for xmas i spotted that the site had the Wychwood Extremis Fleece Lined Jacket reduced from £80 down to £30 but only available to order in M XL and XXL. thinking M would be a little small i held back and tried one on in Gerrys. it fitted perfectly and was still at the RRP of £80. Needless to say i popped home to get my jacket elsewhere in the vain hope that i do manage to get it for £50 less than the RRP. My order has gone through over the phone and the lady said i should have it in 10 days so fingers crossed!


So with my next date booked with my uncle for May 12th i am really looking forward to testing out all my gear. I think once i have completed that day i'll be a little more confident in my ability and can start heading out on my own or with my cousins or mates on a regular basis.


I have questions i'd like to find my own answers to, like will i catch on small chunks of pinapple? how effective will a hair rigged malteser be?


Its all still to come and i cant wait to get stuck in. I also have 26 days off work from May 28th so guess what i'll be doing a bit of!



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