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May 12th Prep

Darren T


Well i have spoken to my uncle and we are going to head for the same lake as last time, Castlefield Lake in Dorking. Apparently it is fishing well at the moment and with the good weather we are having in the south at the moment it can only get better i hope! Since we are going on the Monday hopefully it'll be quiet as well which will be great for me.


He has told me that the best baits for the lake are the simple ones, maggots, bread flake, corn and meats. We can get maggots at the tackle shop down the road so in preperation i am going to pick up a tin of corn, a peperami and a small packet of pinapple from tescos. We shall see what fancies a nibble on the day!


Fortunatly i have just about everything i need now save an umbrella but with the nice weather i might just get away with a cap and some sun cream!


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