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Plans for the coming weeks

Darren T


After having a bit of a hunt around i have picked out some of the Day Ticket waters that i will be visiting in the coming weeks. While i have managed to get a nice stretch of time off work (May 28th - June 22nd) i want to try and get out at least once a week and hopefully twice to try out some of the different venues in the area.


My choices so far are:


Beaver Farm - £8 - 41 minute drive 07:00 - 19:00

Bury Hill - £11.50 - 50 minute drive 07:30 - Sunset

Frant Lakes - £8 - 60 minute drive 07:00 - 19:00

Elphicks - £9 - 61 minute drive 07:00 - 19:00

Willinghurst - £11 - 72 minute drive unknown times

Monk Lakes - £10 - 73 minute drive unknown times


Obviously i'll have to sort out some kind of membership somewhere in the long run as i cant afford £40 a month (assuming i could go once a week) on day tickets not including bait and so on. But considering this is going to be my holiday for this year i can allow it for the month that i am off!


The only one i really know enough about at the moment is the Dorking and District AS which controls a stretch of the River Mole as well as three small lakes. Since i have only just started fishing i dont know how successful i would be on a river!


I do need to pick up another landing net as i only have a 18" one and at least one of these day tickets demands at least a 24".


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