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May 28th-29th - Solo time

Darren T


Well its just gone 09:00 on Wednesday 28th and i have returned home from my last shift at work for nearly 4 weeks. I have been awake since 17:00 yesterday so I'm just pottering about now trying to stay awake to get through the tough part of the morning. I have decided that tomorrow I'll head out to Beaver Farm Fisheries for the day while i wait for my Crawley Angling Society membership to go through. With a mixed set of lakes I'm bound to hook into something!


The current forecast is for Sunny Intervals with temps hitting 17 degrees with a little wind to boot. how thats going to affect the fishing i don't know but i have my jacket and my boots and the brolly so hopefully come rain or shine I'll at least by dry-ish.




Its now 18:40 on Wednesday and I've had a wee nap. The forecast for tomorrow has slipped to Light Showers but with temperatures hitting 22 degrees. I have also phoned the Fishery for any further information about the place. After looking at the site i thought that its Eden Pond would be a nice lake to try. Mainly stocked with tench, (some to over 11lb) it also holds Carp to 15lb Rudd Crucian and Roach. The guy I spoke to also mentioned that bream were being pulled out today. Good news is that the pond reacts well to Corn and Maggot which is as i had hoped!




Well its 16:00 on Thursday 29th and i have returned from my day out. I was wide awake at 05:30 this morning so i got to Beaver Farm for around 07:10. Eden pond is only a small little lake but with no designated swims anywhere you just dump your gear wherever you like. I chose the far bank as you approach the lake. This bank had the sun on it early in the morning so my thinking was that sun = warm water = feeding fish. I had a reed island directly in front of me with some lilies to the left to fish to.


Because the tackle shop on site doesn't open until about 10:00 i had only the sweetcorn that i de-tinned earlier as bait. An annoyance certainly but i managed to make the most of it last about 5 hours which wasn't bad for just 2 pints! For the most part i was only fishing about 4 or 5 ft from the end of my rod tip so i picked a nice small insert waggler and set about plumbing up. All the while with midges all over me!


Eventually i started and the fishing stayed pretty constant for most of the morning with the majority of fish being Roach and Skimmer Bream. I did also have a really nice little Carp of maybe a pound. Already he had a belly on him! By 8:30 the midges had all gone away and i was greeted to a host of Dragonflies cruising around the pond. Add that to a pair of Geese and their Goslings and the constant trickle of water and i was about as relaxed as you can get.


The site says the lake is mostly stocked with Tench but sadly none were hungry today as i would have loved one to come out. Needless to say it was not to be and by 1:30 i was completely out of Corn, having made the last grain last the better part of 40 mins with no loose feed. Still got 2 fish though!


Another fine day out with some more lessons learnt. I am now much more comfortable with my landing net than last time out. Before i must have looked like the biggest klutz on the lake! Also i am getting better with my plumbing up. I thought i had it right until i decided to check after about an hour and found i was about 14 inches over depth instead of the 3 i had been planning on!


Also my Crawley Angling Society book just arrived so i have a host of pre paid water to fish over my holiday. I'll certainly be sorting out more bait though as just fishing with Corn for 6 hours does take its toll even if it did stop the REALLY small stuff.


Until next time


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