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May 12th - My second foray

Darren T


Its currently 09:00 and i am finishing my preparations for the day. After reading the DAS rules i discovered that tins are not allowed on the bank so i emptited my Tescos Value Corn into a bait box. Nearly 2 pints of sweetcorn for 30p cant be bad!


The TomTom is prepped with all of my destinations and i have printed off my rod licence for today. I also still need to put my eyes in (contacts) so that i can wear my sunnies in the lovely weather we are having in the South East.


One thing i have still yet to work out is placement on luggage on my body to get it to the lake. With just under a mile trek from the car park to the water i have my rod bag, carryall and chair to carry as well as my camera bag. Fortunate for me that i bought a very light chair i suppose!




Well its the day after now and i can once again report that i had a great day out. We arrived at the lake for around 11:30 after picking up some maggots (a fiver for two pints of red). The trek from the car was hard work and i know next time to really only take what i need. I had left my boots and jacket in the bag when i needed neither!


After setting up i spent the better part of 40 minutes trying to get my float to cock properly in the water. No matter what i did i couldnt get the thing to sit properly. I even tried attaching a plummet and it still sat in the same position! Eventually my uncle called over to see if i had caught anything yet andwith my reply of "i aint got that far yet!" came over to give me a hand, just as the bailiff was coming around.


Eventually i was off with some bait into the margins to my right (i was under a massive tree that was providing the only shade on the lake) just on the edge of the sun/shade join. A few nice roach had a nibble on my double maggot early on and after about 90 minutes of actual fishing i hooked into something a little bigger. This was the first time out with my own gear remember and with my clutch set to allow line to be taken if needed line was indeed taken. After a few minutes exertion on my right arm my uncle slipped the landing net under the largest fish caught of the day. Caught on double red maggot on a size 18 hook fished about 4 inches over depth off to my right.




A lovely fish aside from a slightly deformed mouth. Again my uncle unhooked while i took pictures.


A little while later i hooked into something that felt very similar and again after several minutes a bream popped to the surface in front of us. Needless to say it was hooked in the tail which is why it fought so much more than normal. Estimated at around 2lb it was put back with no fuss or photo (foul hooking doesnt count as a real catch!).


Throughout the rest of the afternoon i continuted to get lots of nibbles and nice sized roach and quite a few skimmer bream (i believe). I also hooked into a couple that did their best to straighten my hook out and so sadly i never did find out what they were!


We packet up at around 18:30 and toddled off to our car. Another great day out in the great weather on a beautiful peaceful lake.


Day Ticket £6

Bait £5.30 (two pints of maggots and 2 tins of corn)

Rod Licence £3.50


Fifteen quid for 7 hours entertainment and peace. Youd pay that for 4 hours of films in the dark!




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