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What is this all about?



Right then, I've never done a blog like this before so i'll probably bugger something up.


I am going to use this as a diary of my fishing exploits this year I think, i've never really recorded any details about my fishing so it may be fun to see how I get on.


If I can get my thick old brain to figure out how to put pictures up then I'll do so if I have any of note.


At the minute I've a lot of work on in the house so I've only got one trip planned and thats to Bradshaw fisheries in Bolton at the end of next week. Weather and time permitting I may try sneak an evening or afternoon session in beforehand though.


Thats it for now, I'll be back next time I go fishing.


EDIT: See, I've only tried it the once and I keep getting loads of error messages, I can see this being hard work!


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