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  1. Hi all, I'm looking for a Preston Space Station. Either the original or the newer XS. I can pick up locally in Wigan/Chorley/Preston areas or would be willing to pay for postage if it doesn't cost to much PM or email Thanks
  2. Hi guy and girls I am looking for a milo seatbox module. Ideally a M8 or M6 but any will be considered Thanks
  3. Was supposed to sell to a mate but he let me down so I am readvertising this. Preston Innovations Lerc Diatex XT50 13 Metre pole 3 top kits (2 Power 1 Match) £100 All sections are original and in good condition (no repairs) Weighs 870g @ 13 Metre. Pole cost £400 new. In my opinion this is a very good pole and the only reason I am selling is due to buying a 16 metre pole. Will drop off if buyer is in the Wigan area otherwise buyer would have to collect. Would consider arranging delivery further afield at buyers expense. PM or Email please
  4. If you need spares (if they are available) for MAP reels you need to go through LEEDA, thy deal with MAP products. Might be worth contacting them to find out if the spares are available but I would imagine you would need to order it through your local MAP dealer if they are.
  5. Way to jump down the guys throat there tigger! He only asked a simple question!
  6. Seen that but I was hoping for some up-to-date info from someone that may have fished it in the last week or so. No mention on that site as to when it was last updated
  7. I am planning a do up here on sunday but I've never fished it before. Does anyone have any ideas of methods/baits that will work well. I've only got a few hours spare so I'd like to make the best of it
  8. Don't Strike!! With a pole all you need to do is lift the pole and you should connect with most fish, I've never had to really strike on a pole before. If you find you are getting a lot of indications on the float but you keep missing bites, it might be that these are line bites, where feeding fish bump into the line and move your float, when this happens I start to think about altering the depth at which I am fishing, if you have your rig set to fish at dead depth then start to bring it up a bit a little at a time and eventually you should start to connect with the fish. It helps to sho
  9. Wigan AA has matches but they are few and far between, most are matches of smaller clubs that are affiliated to wigan aa and its finding who they are
  10. Honestly that thought hadn't occurred to me, but that said, I would have to know where the clubs are having their matches in order to go to it. I can appreciate that a lot of clubs hold matches on commercials and due to that fact (and others) membership numbers are limited so everyone can fish the matches but there must be some clubs out there accepting new members
  11. I've been trying to find a fishing club in the Wigan area that runs regular matches so I can get back into fishing matches again. I've had posts on forums and I've been asking in tackle shops and nowhere seems to know of any. There seems to be a lot of clubs that are 'closed shops' and are not taking new members so what do I have to do to find a club? Does anybody else have similar problems in other areas or is it just a Wigan thing.
  12. Well the plan today is to finish work at half 12 and head off to Charity Farm at Wrightington for an afternoon to early evening session. I have to admit I was a bit miffed with the rain this morning but its stopped now so hopefully it will hold off for the day now Will get back on here tonight and let you all know how it goes. Right well the session went ok. Fished pool 1 on waggler fished corn and managed to catch a small bag of roach between 8 and 12 oz. Not as good as Charity can be but it beat sitting at home. Tried prawns as they are a noted bait but whenever I put one on t
  13. Yes your right, didn't spot that at first but have just checked, River Douglas stretch is members only!
  14. Wigan DAA Prices 2008: Adult £24 Disabled £18 OAP £9 Juniors £4 I have to be honest though, after buying the book and realising almost all the waters can be fished on a day ticket (all except the Heapy Resevoirs it seems) I don't really think its worth it, unless you specifically want to fish the waters that are members only.
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