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Still not wet a line!



Still not wet a line yet which is getting most distressing, to many other things getting in the way.


On a plus note I did manage to get an hour out this morning and went to look at a couple of waters on the Wigan and District Anglers Association card, Ince park and Mellings number one. Mellings was quite a surprise to be honest because it actually looks quite fishy - I'm going to have a few sessions down there I think but whether or not it will produce the goods is another matter. Ince park lake is a venue I used to visit frequently as a kid but looking at it now it seems a bit overgrown and neglected which is a surprise with it being in a public park, I may give it a try though for nostalgia reasons but I don't think I'll expect much from it. I've also been trying to find a water called the Trenchy, thgis is on the clubs books but is not in the map book, so i'm a bit lost.


Anyway, if any Wigan DAA members read this and can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.


Going to sign off now because I've rambled on enough. Hoping to get the rods out soon enough.


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