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What A Weekend!



{makes mental note to self: never change anything on a website on a Friday again. EVER!}


I'd never intended the forum upgrade to take place on a Friday, especially after a day offline due to the number of posts that had to be transferred. It's completely screwed this weekend up, as I've had hundreds of forum-related questions to answer.


Nearly all of them could have been sorted with the password reset facility, mind you :D


It's satisfying when somebody who was struggling to get back in finally makes it, though. This has been as much a learning curve for me as it has been for everyone else - probably more so, as this software doesn't come with a reference manual (unless it does, but I can't find it :D )


Oh well, back to work tomorrow, packing parcels. Ho hum....

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Half the fun of a blog is if you can get others making comments to add value/spice/whatever to your blog.The 'no changes on Friday' is pretty much NetAdmin 101 (elementary NetAdmin) which us geeky types learn at a very early age.

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