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Am I Going Soft?



After a week at work, still struggling with the effects of this cursed cold I finished at lunch time.

My plan earlier in the week had been to enjoy an afternoon at a local pond where I could regain confidence in my ability to fish! as the last few non event outings had seriously dented my confidence.


Head bowed I dashed to my car almost bent double against the wind and rain, threw myself into the drivers seat, peered out of the window and cursed my luck silently.

A terrible day.


Driving home I considered the options available to me.


Stillwater, I'd definitely struggle, I'd get a good soaking. Attempt to put up and shelter under my brolley would be a bad decision, I had no desire to wreck my almost new brolley in the violent gusting winds.


River, don't think so, the level would be well up with water resembling chocolate rushing through any swim I chose.


Arrived home, fought with the car door as the wind tried to wrench it from grasp. A slight fumbling session with my bunch of keys as I tried to get into the house quickly! (Why does that always happen?)


Shelter, dry, warmth, security, tranquility. :D


Flicked on the kettle, peered through the kitchen window. "Don't be daft Gaz! stop inside, you'll never shift that cold you've got, it'll make it worse." These thoughts were enough to convince me. What pleasure would I get from trying to fish in such conditions?


Am I getting a bit soft? On one hand I think yes, but on the other I think I'm being sensible as with the conditions we are enduring here at the moment I feel my pleasure would be short lived. I feel certain some item of my tackle would get broken, blown into the water never to be seen again, not to mention a return of sneezing, runny nose, sniffing (drives the missus mad!) and various other cold related symptoms.


Soft, maybe. Fair weather angler, certainly not, I'm just acting sensibly.


Well, that's what I think anyway. I'm soooo sure many others would have differing opinions. :blink:


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