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Woodside Pool

paul mc


Went fishing this morning to a small pool called woodside(Lymm AC) in Dutton. The pool is abou 1/3 acre in size and is an unusual shape, bit like the letter B. The pool is stocked with pretty much all the usual stillwater fish and a number of grass carp upto about 5lb. Carbon /compiste rods and pole's are banned from here due to overhead power lines, but using my old glass and cane rods makes it that little bit more interesting. I Arrived at the pool at about 08:30 and conditions seemed favourable(slight breeze and overcast). Set up two rods on the swingtip one in the margins on chick pea(testing a new flavour) and one close to a far bank bush on Elips pellet(courtesy of BFW.co.uk).After missing a couple of lightening quick bites i decided to call it a day at 12:30 without a fish coming to the net. :(

Overall an enjoyable day in nice conditions and a few lessons learnt. :) .It's nice to be back on this pool after it being closed most of the season due to a large number of carp deaths in the area of late :( .

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glad you got back into fishing that pool mate, shame you missed the bites and ended up not getting the net wet, but at least you got out there and had a good day!


Nice read :)



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