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Chris Plumb


Middle Kennet Estate


0800 - 1645


Drizzle/rain ALL day! :rolleyes: Mild 7-8ºC. River at normal winter levels - carrying some colour - more than is usual for here.


3 Chub; 5lb 7oz, 3lb 14oz, a chublet, 1 Perch 1lb 10oz, 1 Bream; 4lb 4oz, 1 Pike; 14lb 2oz, 2 doz Dace - biggest 2 - 12oz & 11oz, ½ doz Brownies - biggest 2lb.


Belated birthday trip - loads of cracking dace - hardly a fish under 6oz and loads around the 8-10oz mark. 2 smallest chub and the bream on trotted corn. Pike and perch on lobs. Everything else on maggot. Pike is biggest ever worm caught esox - and biggest fish ever landed on my Harrison float rod ! It was laid up in my favourite perch hole and was subdued on 6lb B/S bottom and a size 8 - very lucky to hand it - it bit through the line in the net!!!


Paul had a similar return of nice dace and a nice perch of 2¼lb and despite starting the day with a 1lb chublet couldn't find a bigger one!







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Aye - it was a bit of a fluke - wasn't even hooked in the scissors - really fortunate that it didn't bite through the line - and thankfully I had Paul on hand to help land it. Paul had his perch minutes later....

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