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Chris Plumb


Summer Pit - CEMEX Yateley


1800 - 2330


Clearing skies - cooler than of late - down to 14ºC.


2 Tench; 7lb 0oz, 3lb 2oz. 1 Crucian 2lb 13oz. 1 Bream 2½lb.


Well, I'm certainly on a roll at the moment! My biggest ever Tinca from this venue and my 2nd best ever Crucian from here. After a really barren few seasons on the Crucian front this is now my 3rd, 2½lb+ fish from 3rd different venue! Lots of bubbling and activity - but nothing but line bites until it got dark. First fish - the big tench on the stroke of 10pm (quite literally - I could hear the church clock chiming as the float went flat). The next 3 fish followed in the next hour culminating in the Crucian caught to the sound of the church clock striking 11pm! All fish on meat around 2 rod lengths out - no activity at all on the margin rod...





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