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Chris Plumb


NAA Stillwater - Widmead


0415 - 1015


High cloud - warm. 15º -> 20ºC


4 Carp; 10lb 1oz, 9lb 6oz, 9lb 0oz, 7lb 11oz. 1 Crucian; 3lb 2oz. 2 roach, 1 rudd (all 3 of which needed the net to land.)


Despite the splendid crucian and the hard fighting commons - a quiet morning bite-wise. Crucian on float fished meat - in the margins - pretty much only bite of the morning - apart from the roach and rudd - wasn't even 'carped' as is the norm. Biggest common on the feeder - other 3 all caught on bread in the last ¾hr when they started to feed on the top. My biggest crucian from an NAA water for 14 years - and first crucian from this lake since '06 - well chuffed.



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Thanks John - last 2 summers have been pretty lousy on the crucian front - this campaign is making up for it!

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Well done Chris. I've only caught small Crucians (at Buckleberry), a 3 pounder must've put up a good fight.

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Actually Rusty - the fight is more dogged and little more than what a good bream would put up. Tench and carp of the same size put up much more of a scrap. However tis always a bit 'heart-stopping' as I know pretty much instantly that I've got a good crucian on - and am fearful of losing it!! The challenge, for me, of crucian fishing - is not the landing once hooked - its getting them to take a bait in the first place!




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