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It's A Bit Cold Out.



Managed to sneak off work early at lunchtime.

Decided not to go straight home but to check out a few local venues to see how they were fairing with the weather.

First venue visited was a particular favourite of mine, a small intimate stillwater pond, well stocked and guaranteed catching water. Not today - the whole surface was frozen.

Although the ice was thin and could easily be broken I decided not to go home and get the rods out. The lack of any other anglers also confirmed my decision. The icy wind bit, so I decided to move on.


The next venue, the local stretch of running water. Running low and clear with a small build up of ice on the bankside, experience told me the fishing would be hard here also. The rain of last week had long since passed through, the colour which once afforded the fish a bit of cover had dropped out completely.

There was the possibility of a bit of chub or roach sport with the bread flake towards the far bank but the cold was already creeping through my boots and numbing my toes.

I considered a swift drive home to get the tackle and more suitable clothing and footwear. A furtive glance skywards, extremely bright sunlight, clear skies for miles made me think otherwise.


Steady drive home, a hot cuppa, comfy in the chair. A nice afternoon relaxing before the kids come home from school.

Being by the water taking in the sights and sounds had satisfied my addiction sufficiently. There's always another day. I don't know when though, the clear cloudless sky warns me of another extremely cold night ahead. Unlike others around the country, we haven't had snow yet.

To add an old cliche "I think it's too cold to snow"


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