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13 September

Chris Plumb


River Kennet - Nr Thatcham


1830 - 2315


Mild (min of 16ºC), overcast and very, very breezy! Levels on the low side and quite clear.


Blanked! (Well nothing with fins - was totally crayfished out!)


Tried another new swim but was into the Signals almost as soon as the bait hit the water. Activity stopped for an hour at around 10pm so was hopeful that fish had moved in - but nothing doing!



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Not a word aften associated with your sessions Chris, rotten luck but you can take comfort in that you've given the rest of us hope!

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if this is the stretch im thinking of theres no problem now i caught every bloody cray there on tuesday evening!

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Twas the stretch you were thinking of! ;) Crayfish bites usually means there's no fish about! - I usually find that if you're getting crayfish activity and it suddenly stops it means the fish have moved in!

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i thought it may have been! i have yet to explore the whole stretch but with a full day this week i shall be!

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