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December Surface Capture



I managed to sneak an hour session in on a local pit on Sunday (December 4th) afternoon.


When I arrived i walked round the lake, which basically consists of the main body of the lake with an island, and then four small bays in each corner.


I walked around and scattered a few freebie dog biscuits in all of the bays and set up ready for action. The fish came up feeding confidently, and I stood for a few minutes and watched a few fish around 5lb pick off my biscuits by some reed stems.


This was enough for me and I lowered my biscuit hookbait into the area! The fish came back and picked off the remaining freebies, all except mine and one other freebie. The fish must then have been aware of my (or my hookbait's) presence. As they started to feed in other areas, and the only other fish to investigate the bait was a common around 8lb.


They were slurping like mad in a bay in the opposite corner of the lake, so I walked round to investigate. Upon arrival I saw a nice-sized fish picking mixers off a tight patch of bait. Rather than nailing a biscuit then diving back down, this fish had confindence and just moved its head and stayed in positon whilst it started mopping them up. I was within 4 feet of the fish and lowered my bait right "on it's nose". It took my mixer in with another, and closed it's lips. As it did so, I struck and battle begun.


It tore off and I was sure that I had hooked a mirror aroun 11lb. Only after around 5 mintues of heavy fighting did it surface and totally surpise me by being a common!


I quickly scooped her with my net and was over the moon to catch my December target so soon in the month.


She went 9lb 6oz on the scales and I was chuffed to bits. It came to the photo and there was hardly any daylight left!


IPB Image

My Prize on the mat; modern reels not needed with such quality in the shape of the Cardinal 66


IPB Image

My December Surface Capture

This Challenge is Rocking and Rolling now!



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