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    ...I'm back! It's been a while...plenty of coursework, days at work, and plenty of blanks!! Finally managed my first carp of 2006 just a couple of weeks ago, weighing in at just a couple of pounds, followed by another of a similar size. My first carp of 2006 The fish was taken on a local 'runs water' whilst I took a guest. Incidently the lad who accompanied me is a match-angler, so I offered to take him carping and 'show him the ropes', and the cheeky beggar only went and out-fished me...beginners luck and all that.... Ross Woolridge with his first session kipper
  2. Ditto, or if there are pads, try flicking them onto the pads and tweking them so they fall off and sink very slowly...
  3. Entry 2: We need a 4x4 for the 4x4
  4. Blank

    January Blank

    The unfortunate, has become reality, a blank on the Surafce Challenge for January I tried more than half a dozen times over the month to try and sneak one; and have had fish feeding on the surface within just a few feet away from me, but have not succeeded in hooking and landing one, on rod and line. Ah well, now for the first fish of 2006 challenge!
  5. Hi All, I mark 1 Maver Grim Reaper Pole, with the standard top twos, plus .5m extension. It is in excellent condition, and I'm selling it. Don't know what price to put it at as I cannot remember what I paid for it! Any help anppreciated. Nige
  6. Nice one that man. We are members of the caravan club, going to look into that one, is a severe possibility.
  7. Hi All We are looking for a vnue (anywhere in England) wherbey we ca aprk our motorhome by the swim. We have a week away planned and a water where we will get some action, not loads of runs + pasties, but not one or two fish.
  8. Entry One I THOUGHT IT WOULD GO OFF ROAD!? Nigel Weston 29th January 2006 Konica Minolta DiMAGE X31
  9. If posts were deleted mate, then I'm sure that there content were not suitable for an open, public forum. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and in no-way have to agree to other people's, but respect their views. I have no connections to mods/admin but I'd hedge my bets on the above.
  10. Its 43 Acres mate, 2/3 surrounded by woodland, double figure bream in quantities! With double-figure tench, a nd 20lb+ Pike, so it's a defo specimen water! Hope mods don't mind: This should help http://www.sotangling.com/REDESMERE Nige
  11. As with many waters, it is all specific to the certain venues and how much time you put in. Obviously some of the venues such as Redesmere will slow down, but some will argue that the fish will continue to feed, and a friend of mine had one of the big commons (the snub) at 31lb last December. However some venues such as Top Pool, seem to slow down completely, with other runs venues such as Bolesworth Castle continuing to produce, a mixed bag really.
  12. Hi John I'm from Stoke, Staffs, and fish quite a few NW waters. As for clubs, well there are a number worth looking at. I am in Stoke-On-Trent Angling Society, with numerous waters across Staffordshire and Cheshire with waters that hold carp in excess of 30lb. There is also Prince Albert Angling Society, although there is a waiting list between 2 and 3 years. They too have many waters across the region, stretching further a field than S.O.T.A.S, however I would favour S.O.T.A.S if you were targeting bigger fish. As well as the above, there is Wheelock A.S, which again ahs some
  13. Bit strong them rods IMO, I would want somthing a little lighter, why have such power with a stalking rod? No particularly big lead/cast need?
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