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Brief Surface Fishing Session In December



Went stalking for an hour today after work. Had seen the forecast mild temperatures in the week, and was gagging to get fishing as I neared the end of my day at work.


I arrived at a local pit at 3.15pm, and was packed up by 4.30pm.


Firstly, I walked around and scattered a few dog biscuits in each of the four bays. It took a long time for the fish to come up and feed confidently. I was stood well back from the water’s edge, and groups of fish would come and feed in a “spell” whereby each fish would come up a few times and pick off a few mixers, before swimming off and not returning.


As the light levels became less, the fish started to come up and feed confidently. I stood in a good vantage point, being able to place a hookbait to any part of the two bays (where the fish were feeding) in a mater of seconds.


I watched a few small mirrors come up and pick off some mixers, before watching a better sized fish fully extend its lips to take in a number of mixers in just a few second son the surface. I cast my mixer past it and gently pulled it to within 4 inches of the feeding fish. My hookbait had been in the water for a while and had expanded; making it less buoyant; with an end result being my hookbait was hard to see as it sat lower in the water. I saw the fish turn its head away from me; in the direction of my hookbait. I knew that in such poor light it would be impossible to see the fish take my mixer, rather than a freebie, so instead I watched the line that lay across the surface. The fish took in two mixers before taking in the one I thought was mine, and it did so pulling the line across the water.


I bent into the fish and I made a massive disturbance to the surface as it bow-waved across the surface and then dived down. She hardly took any line, and I bullied it into my net, after what seemed like a minute of being hooked. I was surprised how easily it came in, considering it’s shape: long and thin. In my past experiences these shape of fish have fought much harder than the more plump residents. However I was not complaining as it gave the fish less time to try and ditch the hook.


She went 10lb on the nose, and I was pleased and amazed to catch a fish in December from the surface.

IPB Image

A December Surface Carp - with the help of PCI's floating baits


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