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Biddulph Blank



I ventured out to a totally new venue today. Had never before seen, let alone fished the venue in question, Biddulph Grange.


I arranged the session with a mate, and both myself and Steve Baker arrived at the venue by around 9.00am.


Upon arrival we noticed that around three-quarters of the lake was frozen. Fortunately, an area around the inlet was free; and was the area that we wanted to fish. I placed my baits at points in the overhanging trees that came from the island in front of me. Steve placed baits off the trees by the inflow, and in the middle of the bay, which was to my right. The weather conditions were quite mild, and as a result the lake steadily defrosted, and the like was ice-free as we left. It was cloudy, and quite misty, and we were quite confident in catching a kipper.


A few hours passed, and we had recieved no indications whatsoever, until Steve recieved a series of bleeps. He left it as the line had stopped moving, and this payed off when it rattled off "good 'n proper" around 10 minutes later. The fish scrapped well and was in the net within a minute, and on the mat lay Steve's first fish on his home-made boilies - a chub!


The rest of the day was very much unproductive, and the day soon passed without so much as another bleep. Temperatures started to drop steadily and we felt the cold more, as we began to see our breaths. We knew it was getting cold and that another fish was surely not to be, and we were right!


Another successful blank for me, but a first for Steve, well done fella!


IPB Image

Fishing to the Island at Biddulph


IPB Image

Steve Baker, with a not-so carpy Chub


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