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That Takes the Biscuit!



I tried to knock January of the list for the Surface Fishing Challenge today.


The weather was cloudy, with little wind. Water temperature was cold due to it being frozen two days earlier, and an air temperature of 5 degrees. I cycled to the venue and scattered a liberal amount of dog biscuits in each of the four bays of the lake, in the hope of getting the fish feeding, and then leaving them to build confidence whilst I went home to get my gear.


As I left the local EA officer called in and we had a brief chat before I cycled home. The fish had not showed any signs of feeding, but I would "chance it"; go back with some gear and hope they were feeding.


I arrived back at the lake around 20 minutes later, to find the lake was still; not any wind whatsoever - perfect. There were ample amount of baits in each of the bays, which suggested that they were not feeding that confidently yet, but as I walked round, I saw fish starting to take the biscuits in a couple of the bays. I crept along the bank, keeping myself hidden behind the marginal cover.


I sat and watched fish feeding in each of the four bays, and saw the two largest residents take biscuits within four feet of me; a common known as "The Eye" and a mirror knwon as "The Pig", of no real size, but of great importance to me, as the venue has a place in my heart; it's where I grew up...with a rod in my hand and carp in my net!


I saw around 12 different fish all between around 6lb and low doubles, with the exception of one small fish, around 2lb.


None of the fish seemed to feed with great confidence, and with fast fading light levels, the feeling that i was going to blank grew. I stuck into until dusk, but unfortunatly blanked.


School holidays over now, so back to school now (please, NO!) and six months of hell! I mean, exams!


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Fair play for sticking it out whilst the rest of us sat in the warmth!


I've got the bug, really into this challenge, and i must say, it makes you get off your ass! I wouldn't normally even think about going fishing for one hour - pointless, but with a bag of mixers and a rod, it's great!

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