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27 June

Chris Plumb


Newbury AA Stillwater - Widmead


1930 - 0000


Warm overcast and muggy night - lovely shirt-sleeves evening though needed plenty of DEET - mozzies were in almost plague like swarms! Temp still 16ºC at midnight.


1 Crucian; 3lb 3oz. 1 Tench; 4lb 9oz. 2 carp 6lb 3oz & 6lb 13oz. 1 Rudd.


Mission accomplished - 1st crucian of the summer and it's a real goodun! Things didn't start off quite so well - had the 'smaller' carp practically 1st cast on my float gear - took an age to get in and completely trashed the swim. So no bites afterwards for ages. Had switched to trying to get a few carp off the top and had not long put back the other one when a very large crucian rolled in my over where I'd baited earlier. A useful reminder to stop fannying about and get back to what I'd come here for. Swim really came alive in the first hour of darkness (22-2300) with fishing rolling and lots of bubbles. Crucian caught at around 2230 with the tench some 20 minutes later.


My 4th biggest ever Crucian...


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