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Chris Plumb


River Kennet, Nr Thatcham


1930 - 2315


Cool, overcast some light drizzle at times - more like October than mid-July!




Cue another Rusty faux headline!!! Shocked on 2 counts when I arrived. The first was not being able to even get in the car park - full of anglers cars. And the second was the state of the river - really coloured up and tanking through - more like mid-winter condition. I did consider turning around and going elsewhere - a thought that stayed with me all evening as I looked at a stationary quiver tip. No bites, not even a hint of one - or even a crayfish - in fact didn't even need to change my hair-rigged pellet for the entire time I was on the bank... rolleyes.gif


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Bad luck, Chris - you don't often blank, but when you do it's an encouragement to novices like me that everyone does it sometimes! Did you ask what happened to other anglers? They say that high water conditions are good for barbel, but I've never made it happen. I'm booked in for the Wye and Usk in a week's time, but not too optimistic about my chances battling with raging mulligatawney soup!

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