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August 10th to 12th - Yateley




Time for my annual trip to the Stoney and Friends charity event at Yateley.

My wife goes to this with me as she likes camping and the countryside, unfortunately not interested in the fishing at all though!


I was on South Lake which I have fished a couple of times before.

I managed to get us in a swim with a cast to the area at the end of the island and lots of room for the tent and cooking area!


After helping Jo get the tent pitched, I went about getting the rods out.


I fished one rod just off the point of the island with a bottom bait tipped with a piece of fake corn, the other rod was to be cast close to the island with a chod rig and pop up.


As is usual when a quantity of anglers decend on the lake at the same time, Friday was very quiet on the fish front.


On Saturday I reeled the chod rig rod in for a while and tried float fishing the margins with my Tench Float rod having fed it with hemp and corn a few times since arriving. (2 rods at a time limit on this lake)

This only brought bites from roach, late afternoon saw me try a bit of surface fishing as a few carp could be seen moving around to my right between weedy areas.


At around 7.30pm I was just recasting the floater rod when the other rod's alarm signalled a screaming run.

I managed to grab the rod very quickly and connected with a carp. It felt like a good size and after several minutes of keeping it away from the weed, over the the net cord went a good size common.


Seeing how broad it was, I was hopeful of it being a new PB, my long standing Carp PB being 18lb 2oz.


Onto the mat, into the sling and hoisted with the zeroed scales, 20lb 3oz. A very nice looking common and a new PB to boot.


Around 2 hours later, a rather more sedate indication on the same rod brought a nice size bream, 7lb 10oz.


That was all the big fish action I had for the weekend but I did scale down the hooklength and hook on my float rod during Sunday morning for a while and caught a few nice roach up to about 12oz.



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