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31 August/1 September

Chris Plumb


Newbury AA Stillwater - Thatcham


2000 - 0700


Warm and overcast night, didn't get below 14ºC. Drizzle until midnight but by dawn our brollies/shelters were dry. Lovely night to be out.


2 Crucians; 3lb 7oz :clap2: & 2lb 3oz. 1 Carp 10lb 5oz.


Not quite mission accomplished first cast - but certainly 1st bite!! Biggest crucian of the season, my 3rd biggest ever and the first 3lber I've ever had from this water. Plan was to try and avoid attracting the carp - so didn't feed the swim - a ploy which appears to have worked (nearly!). Paul and no such qualms and even crossed over to the dark side with the purchase of a pellet waggler for this trip! He had arrived well before me and being a true gent didn't drop into the swim I wanted - though I think he may have rued that decision when I landed my 3lber as I think it would have been a PB for him... :whistling: Still he caught a lot of carp - and was landing his 16th of the session as I left - he even managed a 1-10 crucian.


My 3lb+ Crucian...



Not Paul's biggest carp of the night (think this was 8lb something), but certainly the best looking one!


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Yes - a nice end to the summer - though hopefully we'll get a warm September in order for at least a couple more cracks at the crucians - before the real fun begins! ;)

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Both cracking looking fish, the crucian is huge and I wouldn't mind catching a carp like that either. This autumn could be quite special given the boost the river has had...and as for the treat days later in the year I can hardly wait to see that venue.

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Congrats on that crucian, Chris - your face says it all!


When you say you didn't feed the swim, do you mean you didn't put in any groundbait or loose feed at all? In such circumstances I'm usually lost as to what to do. To put in nothing means that they have to find a small bait in the middle of a big area, a bit like the proverbial needle in a haystack. But then I realise that even a bit of loose feed can bring in the carp in many lakes.

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John - I started fishing with NO loose feed (or groundbait) at all - and had the 3lber within ¾hr of starting - had a few crucians roll as well so fed a few 3mm pellet - very sparingly and in just one very small area (margins).

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The common was 8lb and an ounce Rusty, so not big by any means.....the colouration was just gorgeous though. As Chris says in his blog, this was one of 16 carp, all between 4lb and 13lb, plus a crucian for me at 1lb 10oz, from a swim I hadn't caught them from before so was well pleased. Chris's crucian was a real lump, very broad across the back, I'd love to catch it in a month or so after it has fed itself to the brim for the winter.


And John, where Chris says he started with no feed at all is not quite correct ;) I had arrived at the lake about 4 hours in advance of Chris, and had been putting in the occassional handful of crumb/crushed hemp groundbait into his swim....that's what mates do for each other.....but I could have chucked him in when he goes and catches a crucian that would have beaten my pb by an ounce :D

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