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Zero perch....0lb 0oz



Saturday 12th January, K&A Canal, Thatcham


That’s the thing about my AN blog, it’s a record of my angling trips so if I shout about the good days I suppose I’ve got to shout about the bad ones too. That’s what I’m doing now.


This early doors trip was always going to be touch and go, I’d guessed that Thursday would be the last day for mild conditions and hoped that the water would still be warm enough through Friday to this morning. To be honest it was just about, at 6 degrees I was glad I’d made the effort and the car temperature gauge showed 5 degrees on the way to the venue so although not mild it was still fishable and shouldn’t be too cold. The difference though was the wind chill, the brisk easterly blowing straight up the canal was biting and it wasn’t long before my fingers were numb, that was before I’d even started fishing. When I did start the float was being blown away from the feature I was targeting and what with the rippled surface everything seemed to be conspiring against me…payback for last week no doubt.


I swapped banks which at least helped to get the float near the feature but by that time the images of bacon butties and fresh filtered coffee back in my warm kitchen had got the upper hand, I packed up an hour after first light.


Not a great session but it’s all information logged for future reference. Good perch were showing and being caught in that swim last night so I do think it may be a holding spot, I was just a day later than I needed to be.

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Admirable honesty sir shame the force let you down ,still, there is always next time looks like it was a case of the kennet strikes back.....to be continued can Rusty find some super wriggly worms...will the perch feed if he does....can he find there rebel base tune in next week folks

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Bad luck, Rusty - sounds horrible, that wind. It's interesting the question of when perch will bite. I had a short walk along the Enborne canal on New Years Day to see if anyone was fishing, and to my surprise there was an NAA match. Bright, cold clear day, not weather you'd associate with good perch, but that was exactly what the anglers I saw were fishing for (pole and maggot I think), and in most cases catching. It was stumps drawn at 3pm, so not even the benefit of dusk. Still, it's no surprise the perch didn't like that cold wind!

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On reflection John I should've tried a ledgered lob, on that particular morning float fishing wasn't the best way to present a bait where I wanted it.

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