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  1. RSA-UK.ORG The latest Political voice for RSA.......It can only get better.There was me thinking the Muppet show was condemned too the archives of the BBC.
  2. Lol! Really should of read the link instead of jumping straight in!
  3. Marvellous.....The AT cannot even get enough members to support themselves.
  4. I'm hearing the 'Ex's' paid for going to these meetings is actually better than a Euro MP gets.....I maybe become a serial committee man.
  5. To give him his due Mark Lloyd never hung around with a reply to my mail last night.Since when was the Advisory Panel disbanded? A copy of the mail I received from Mark. Dear Mr Angel, Keith Arthur's comments are not in any way supported by the AT. Your email is the first I heard of them. We issued a statement last week, available on our web site, contradicting his previous comment in Angling Times. The Advisory Panel is no longer operational and Keith has no role in the AT. I hope that clears this up. Please support us; I know we have had a slow start on sea angling, but we are making good progress now. All best wishes, Mark
  6. A copy of the mail I just fired off to the AT. Doe's anyone have Mark Llloyds direct mail address? Having read the disgusting article written by Keith Arthur for the Angling Times, subsequently posted all over the Internet regarding kicking Sea Anglers out of the Angling Trust,I never thought it could get any worse. This morning Sunday 16th January it actually did. On Mr Arthurs Radio Show ‘Fishermans Blues’ 1035 AM Radio Talksport we were treated as Sea Anglers to a tirade of lies regarding Sea anglers selling there catches. The ‘Link’ to the show has been posted around Internet fishing forums for Sea Anglers to listen too and make there minds up once and for all just what a member on your ‘Advisory panel’ and I can only assume with the backing of the AT, actually think of Sea Anglers. I think this has just about finished off what little credibility the AT had left in the eyes of RSA.Having been into Charter angling for over 40 years I have no evidence of anglers of RSA selling fish.As a member of your Advisory panel,doe’s Mr Arthur or indeed the AT have evidence of this happening? Proper evidence, not hearsay.We now seem to have a weekly campaign in one way or the other, which seems to stem from the AT in order to get Sea anglers licensed or restricted. What Sea anglers should be doing is kicking the AT from sea angling, not the other way around as Mr Arthur would have. As a Charter Skipper I will certainly do all I can to advise anglers and I will also make it known to other skippers not to give there hard earned money to an organisation that see’s them as Thieves and criminals. A copy of the link to the show is here should you or any others at AT wish to listen to what was said. The segment you need too listen to is approx 11 minutes into the podcast. http://utv.vo.llnwd.net/o16/talkSPORT/20110116_0730_LA.mp3 Regards Ron Angel Why Worry Angling Charters.
  7. I cannot listen to him any longer.He is doing my head in!
  8. Here you go Davey.About 10 minutes into it. Not sure what is in the rest of the show.I can paste the four links if anyone wants the rest of the show. http://utv.vo.llnwd.net/o16/talkSPORT/20110116_0730_LA.mp3
  9. Another way in.Right click on the time.Copy and paste into the browser.Then click the player that opens.
  10. The rant about RSA selling fish was I reckon around about 07.40-07.50 Barry
  11. Pretty strange don't you think that everything else on 'Listen Again' works but not the Magnificent 'Codfather' Keith?....Maybe he has so many emails or messages they took it down due to 'Unfounded' accusations?
  12. As I say,he was ranting as I switched on so I am not sure which capacity he was speaking under.The evidence he had was 'You must all know a sea angler that sells fish to Neighbours,friends and the local Chinese takeaway'. He was also ranting about the size (Undersize) of fish anglers were keeping and selling.
  13. No Barry,it was on his radio show this morning.I only caught the last half hour of it but he was well into his stride by then.Wish I had heard the whole show because I reckon he must of had a right go.Maybe someone else heard the rest of it? When you listen and read some of the crap that is allowed to be put on Public Radio shows and in magazines etc, why the Russians had the KGB to deal with people like him.
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