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  1. Folks, Where can i buy the rivets, little pulley wheels, ties etc to make anchor trolleys and mount on my kayak hull? Thanks
  2. I use a Ron Thompson Steelhead Pro. It's ideal for my needs. There's a great deal at the moment at glasgow angling centre which will set you up for less than 40 quid! The reel is naff but you won't cry if you loose it and the rod is really surprisingly good. Click below: http://www.fishingmegastore.com/cgi-bin/sh...14551#a1_214551
  3. Folks, I've recently moved up from Essex to Scotland (just south of Glasgow) and amm looking for sites to launch and fish my kayak. I've heard that there are bass in luce Bay and along the Ayrshire coast...can anyone recommend sites which aren't usually to rough or with fast tides? Cheers Mark
  4. Folks, I'd be grateful for any advice or help you can give me. I've recently returned to Scotland after some 15yrs absence (did you miss me?) and would like to get back into fly, trout and salmon fishing. I'm based in South Lanarkshire, work in Ayrshire and stalk in Dumfries and Galloway. So, can anyone suggest good venues, rivers, lochs and clubs, etc. I can't believe how much the fishing has changed in only 15yrs.
  5. Thanks for the advice guys. I did use your advice and caught a big 2.5lb brownie on a black pennel and a 4lb rainbow with a hare ear nymph in the afternoon. Both flies were used on a sink tip line with long leader and retrieved slowly.
  6. Folks, I'm of fly fishing on a scottish loch tommorrow for brown and rainbow trout (stocked). It's been some years since i've fly fished lochs so was hoping for some advice ...namely which flies to use. The weather promises to be cold (5oc) and wet so i figure sink lines. The area is devoid of trees with mostly heather and scrub - bloody windy to! Any recommendations gratefully received. Marc
  7. Guys, I've moved into a little town called Biggar in South Lanarkshire. Locals shouldn't be a prob as i am Scottish! Just been out of the country for the last 15 years or so.
  8. Well, i've finally made it and moved from Essex to Scotland. That'll be despite the house initially failing to get a habitation order and the removal truck engine siezing on the M6! A week spent in travellodges makes you appreciate your own bed so much. Anyway, now that i'm here - is there any sites on the south west coast of Scotland worth a visit at the mo?
  9. Seriously mate, it does work. We used to use the same method to part some erecting poles when in the Paras. The point is that your thigh muscles are stronger than your arms and the hands only grip each blank, either side of the spigot so force is directed in equal and opposite directions; not twisted etc.
  10. scotsgun


    Honest answer is no.....he turned out to be a carbon copy of his father who didn't see what my problem was. His car was subsequently modified some (we probably ende up increasing its value!) and he got a few slaps for good measure. It's amazing how someone who previously couldn't give a toss about his spawn can suddenly take an interest in their behaviour etc. Especially when their own well being is directly effected.
  11. Put rod behind your knees with the mated sections between your legs. Bend knees and grasp rod with hands on the outside of each knee. Slowly part your knees wider and wider whilst holding the sections firmly - your knees will force your hands outwards.....you can apply much more pressure with your legs than arms....it should part.
  12. scotsgun


    It's tempting but isn't worth it guys Last halloween some shits in our neighbourhood decided to go one better than eggs and bounced a bloody pumpkin off the wife's new Audi. Unfortunately for them i was just getting ready to take the dog for a walk so caught the main offender in the park near the house. Stupid bugger didn't even have the sense to keep his mouth shut so i lost my temper. Police rolled up a few hours later to question me because the sap actually admitted that i'd given him the beating because he'd only just vandalised the wife's car. Stupid plod didn't want to record the
  13. sod those. This is what i'm saving my pennies for: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=X11g5id9mkI&...ted&search=
  14. don't forget that the bass and mullet are in at the moment. You can get some cracking sport in the rivers joining the Thames, etc. It's free and just as worthwhile in teaching you to cast!
  15. Hanningfield is your best bet, mate. They have stages positioned around the loch from where you can get that extra bit out on the water before trying to learn to cast. They also offer lessons but i think it's a bit expensive. They do an inexpensive evening ticket. There are loads of package deals available at the moment - it's mid season and ot alot is selling. You could try the tackle bargains here or post another thread stating your budget and the guys will suggest options. However, make sure you get yourself a reel with a couple of spare spools and get yourself some differnt lines.
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