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  1. How dare you snigger...
  2. You need the world's largest carnivorous plant - a blackberry. They catch sheep
  3. It seems that Mr O'Keefe is as good as his word. No doubt this will be the first of many:
  4. Somebody has to be the contrarian. I'm just tired of the media winding out exactly the same narrative that they used with every Republican President since Reagan and seeing people lap it up. Meanwhile, even black Democrat representatives are now endorsing Trump. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's debate and drug test...
  5. The fun is about to start. James O'Keefe and Project Veritas have hinted that they are about to drop a bunch of bombs and the FBI/Michael Flynn/Russia mess is coming to a boil.
  6. You will note that this is dated five weeks after my "Is it time to close the airports yet Dave?" thread and three weeks after the Trump administration had taken steps to restrict entry into the U.S. from China - for which they called him a racist.
  7. Better the red bus than the short bus.
  8. Toots Hibbert: Reggae legend.
  9. Actually, I'm rather looking forward to the announcement of a UK/US trade deal in the next few weeks - it'll be a proper slap in the face for Nancy transgender Michael Jackson Pelosi.
  10. Alas, it's the same dumb video with the same dumb text posted five times. The bombshell is coming after Pelosi decided to repeat Obama's silly threat and I can't wait to see Cod's reaction when it gets dropped.
  11. "No deal" is just leaving the EU - the thing that we actually voted for.
  12. He's certainly done more to deserve it than his predecessor.
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