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  1. They probably spent more time bitching about Brexit than actually planning for it. You weren't involved were you?
  2. Ken L

    7lb cat

    Been hearing occasional whispers of cats in several rivers for a while. The Severn, Avon, Trent and Thames all seem to have a few fish, most likely from people who have driven to France or Spain and come back with a few kittens. If they are successfully breeding, things could get very interesting - especially if they grow large enough to eat otters and cormorants!
  3. I wasn't a fan either, but "rot in hell" is a bit strong. Here she is getting Hitchslapped:
  4. And how many Brexit voters can you find for whom any of those things was a priority? We voted to leave the EU in order to regain control over the decisions that govern our lives.
  5. Shirley Williams - British politician.
  6. If only Covid had killed off all the old Brexit voters before the referendum.
  7. Sounds like you've had a rough ride - but we're glad to see you back. Hope the family have been okay through it all.
  8. Ken L

    7lb cat

    I hear rumours that a small catfish was caught from the lower Severn last year and of course, it's five years since the 94lb monster cat was caught from the Severn at Ripple. Sounds a lot like they're breeding, and if the Ripple fish has found a mate, that's millions of eggs per year.
  9. https://www.bitchute.com/video/hpaAZsCqdLG8/
  10. That was a tough read, especially as my brother has been going through a similar set of tests recently with (so far) negative results. As everyone seems to be pointing out, survival odds are much better than they used to be and many people go on to live many years, with a good quality of life after treatment - my old neighbour was one. Hopefully, you will feel much better soon now that the infection is being dealt with and be in a better place to fight this bloody thing.
  11. You really have no clue why the people of this country voted to leave the EU do you?
  12. I'll go with the one that we now have with the European Union. Much better than the old arrangement.
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