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  1. I've denied myself gratification for a whole day. I can't wait any longer:
  2. It wouldn't be the same if one of them were trying to pack the meat and two veg into those skimpies.
  3. The biggest barrier to a sensible solution is a certain kind of lefty who sees everything that they disagree with as an expression of "hate" - I'm unfortunate enough to work with one such numpty! "Hate" is pretty rare between people that don't know one another well, and solutions to a genuine issue that end up marginalising some tiny section of society do not mean that anybody hates them.
  4. I'll go with the common sense definitions of "Men" and "Women", and happily accept that that means that while their participation is to be generally encouraged, a tiny number of people (including those who are trans or intersex) will fall into neither camp and therefore will be excluded from all levels of official competition. There are two alternatives, but I don't much fancy either of them: 1. We can simply remove the gender divide in sports and have men and women competing on a level playing field - Tamikka Brents might have some insights on how this would work out. 2. We accept that over time, "transgender" athletes will dominate women's sport, win every competition and hold every record. Personally, I think that with Hubbard now having failed in competition against both men and women, we need a trans athlete to destroy the female opposition in a high level international competition like Wimbledon. It's time to bring this festering boil to a head, where it can be lanced. Karsten Braasch is probably a bit old to take one for the team by having his knackers off, but I've no doubt that someone will come along.
  5. Captain Underpants. Oh wait....
  6. Dusty Hill - American musician.
  7. Both of them seem to have led remarkable lives in their respective fields.
  8. No, it's not Australia wide yet. NSW (mainly Sydney) and increased measures in QLD.
  9. Australia is in full lockdown with the police and military on the streets, and doing house to house checks. Sky News Australia has been suspended from YouTube. And what is the crisis that has precipitated this unparalleled crackdown? Australia has seen a total of just 922 deaths within 28 days of a positive Covid test out of a population of 25,788,215. That's just 36 Covid deaths per million of population. The UK has seen 1,889 Covid deaths per million of population. The US has seen 1,899 Covid deaths per million of population. Peru has seen 5,867 Covid deaths per million of population. This unprecedented restriction of basic freedoms clearly has nothing to do with public health. What the hell is happening?
  10. The first thing I did when I read it was to think that it can't be the same guy = and a quick search for - Steve Wozniak fishing - confirmed it.
  11. Not Apple's Steve Wozniak then....?
  12. I've used both duct tape and masking tape with or without nylon spacers (zip ties) several times and had no problems.
  13. I have a lot of rods, and a good number of them aren't used for their stated purpose. Among the favourites is a Silstar spinning rod that is useless for lure fishing. I think it's 11 foot long, has a very "through action" and is ideal for surface fishing for carp, chucking heavy feeders for barbel or light livebaiting with a bleak. Another is an eight foot feeder rod that doubles for dropshoting. My pike rods also get far more use on the beach than chasing pike.
  14. Ken L


    They transitioned from UFOs to IFOs. Skynet is close, but it won't be like the movie. It'll be more like...
  15. Ken L


    The Iridium satellites are the best UFO's by some way. They can appear, become very bright, travel a few degrees of arc and then vanish. I've only seen a handful, but they caused some proper "WTF" moments until I worked out what they were. I've seen a few genuinely inexplicable things in the sky but one that regularly wound me up until recently turned out to be aircraft takeoff and landing lights from Luton. I'm in Kidderminster, and they just appeared to hang there motionless, a few degrees above the horizon, before quickly fading.
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