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  1. A thought, 'Alnath', I wonder how many of the AN members use a calibrated monitor??? Mine is an HP w2216, calibrated according to the very extensive program supplied with the monitor. Took me a few goes to get to grips with the fennes of the calibration set up . . . it would have been so easy to press auto! I will accept my 'calibration' is not to a 'spider' type system, however, it is calibrated to a standard that I assume HP have allied to industry standards and applied within their program? To me it does not matter, I'm happy with what I have. I agree, its a bit 'sharp+' but that wa
  2. To for the price of one; . . . Saturday: I was looking forward to the day, not had a good session for a few weeks. So a civilised lock out time of 9.15am to coincide with low water at Harwich seemed a good idea. However 'the best laid plans of mice and men . . . '. Half of the local bath tub brigade had converged on Shotley marina, and they all wanted to go out at '9.15' The marine version of the M25 at rush hour! Fortunately the intelligent Lock Keeper, pushed me to the front of the queue, better description 'front of the lock' and this was only the first lock full!!! Alt
  3. OK Janet, I don't know whats going on here, I struggled to get a copy of your flower (PB) can usually drag into a folder? However we did it in the end, I then reduced it to the same size as your Flickr image, it was not as good, so I simply added a tad of 'sharpen' all in Ev.7, looked OK at that point . . . uploaded to PB, press button, hows it looking . . . SW Mmm . . . Is Flickr adding a 'sharpen' to the image??? cos my PB version looks very close now I have sharpened it and reduced it to 472x500? Whats the original picture look like out of the camera when you first put i
  4. I think thats about what I paid 6 months ago for Ev.7 from Amazon Janet. It came as a, no box, but sealed item with code number. Have had no problems with mine at all. SW
  5. Janet, Just had another play in 'VirtualStudio', its seems to do most of the basic functions, plus a few like 'colour curves' that I particularly like. One could learn a lot from it . . . the functions are simple, a bit like using single buttons to set a camera, rather than multi function and menus, there are no 'choices' to confuse the issue . . . if you see what I mean? Plus the functions are expressed as a numeric value, as the slider is moved. I think a little course? but as a stop gap to Ev.7 it has a lot going for it. In fact, I could see it as more than a stop gap for the time bei
  6. Her is a quick try this morning in 'VirtualStudio', dont think I've got the colour quite right, but an unfamiliar program and rushing before work: It certainly does the things that Elements does, I particularly like its 'colour curve', just need a little more time on that. The question does it mess the picture up when it transfers to PB, we will see . . . press the button SW
  7. By all accounts, its me who should have 'taken up knitting' Janet . . . Mmm, not knowing how the other programs work, but suspecting they are doing nasties to your pictures behind your back? I dont see anything wrong with my versions of your pics, I have tried Picasas once, a couple of months back. Picasas took over my computer, never mind my pictures! Hopefully some one who knows the program better might be able to be more helpful? I think Judy used to use it? Have you tried the freebie 'VertualStudio', Steve posted here a few days ago? I had a brief fiddle in it, felt fairly
  8. There you go, taken the fliker picture, tweeked it, saves as the same size as you first posted but via my PB account: Same picture but resized to 80ppi and 800 pixels on the long edge, again via my PB account: Third pic., sharpend after resize to 800 pixels, upload via PB. SW
  9. I can see the difference Janet . . . When I upload to P/bucket, I select the size that I want the picture to be before I upload. ie., 800 pixels for the comp, save late to my computer folder, then upload the file at that size, I dont let 'PB' do any sizing for me. Also, when I 'Save as' to the computer folder, I select 'large file (10)'. SW
  10. It was at the top of my list! well done Den. SW
  11. Yes fair enough, but I still have my personal view, as does everyone else on site, my original post invited 'considered personal views'. As usual in these matters, things have got a little to personal. The RAW issue, I can see why, I also hoped others could see my view, if not agreeing with it . . . I will retract any offensive statements that may have been taken by any member, on RAW I am happy to go with the flow. On the issue of rules and Exif, I see no room for flexibility, they are simple enough to not be ambiguous, press the wrong button, the umpire will raise the finger 'out',
  12. Gets the brain working 'Mick', looks like you have got it sorted. Its a simple rule, as Steve has said, been in place for a longtime. I'm pleased you have it sorted, we can all rest easy. The 'RAW thing', its a very personal mountain. Steve has made the point, which I accept. It has to be said, a good few AN competitions have been won with pictures taken on compacts . . . so RAW is not all conquering I suppose my concern is to keep the 'AN' competition pure? By that, I mean, what the photographer sees is what is posted, I am not into 'Computer artistic imaging', that in my
  13. Looking at the competition, it seems 'I do get the camera out' . . . try putting you you opinion into action and read the rules! SW
  14. Thats just fine, you are 'Simon pure'. Its an interpretation issue then? 'Personally' . . . I say it should be with the picture, anyone entering the competition should be able to interrogate the entry with an Exif program out of interest to see how the camera settings were configured. As you say its a bit of fun, but the idea, especially for the less experienced, surly is learning 'how'? JPEG and Exif helps? Quote from the rules: Exif information is something that is embedded into a photograph when the photo is taken, the gallery software automatically reads and displays it for you whe
  15. 'andy-g' Don't see your name attached to any of the 95 pictures in the new format referred to. Support the competition, enter, then you have a valid opinion? Rules are there for all to follow. RAW, thats a personal opinion, JPEG is the lowest common denominator to allow all to have an equal chance? SW
  16. The competition is generating some interesting pictures . . . the rules also state that Exif detail must be included. It is obvious this rule is not being taken seriously, and when the question is asked, where is it, the reply, a verbal shrug of the shoulders? It ain't rocket science, if I can use 'save as' in PS to save my pictures any one can do it, 'save as' transfers Exif information, using only 'save' blocks it . . . If the Exif detail is blocked, (it can, also be blocked, I think, in the cameras menu?) one is left with the question 'what is there to hide'? I also believe that RAW
  17. I would echo the sentiments, taking Robs line on voting. Hazel has not been to good recently, test, Hospital, more tests, MRI, she has had to give up her part time job! However, the biopsy has come back as nothing sinister to report, so the next appointment on the 23rd will be an 'engineering' repair job on her back . . . = pain free Then like Snatcher, I can persuade her to get the D40 out . . . get that natural eye she has going? SW
  18. DelJ and I have had private discussions on the merits of the D90. But yes, I did pick upon the greens as being Nikon like, and that sparked my memory. I have reduced the strong greens a little on my D80, but its what you like. Green . . . I'm green with envy, I want a D90 SW PS, just had a second look at those trees, yes the greens are strong, but the separation from colour green to colour green, and all the other colours is very . . . I think its described as 'dynamic' by Ken Rockwell, I say 'separated and defined'?
  19. A Nikon 'D90' . . . the greens are very Nikon'ish ??? SW
  20. So what is the 'new camera' mate??? SW
  21. O yes . . . ????????????????????????????????? SW
  22. Hay Steve, I've just had a quick play . . . me as a technophobe, dragged kicking and screaming numpty, it strikes me as not at all bad for a freebie? I actually like it, mind you, dont know what that actually tells us . . . ???? SW
  23. Nice one 'Clifftop'. I wish this was a practical way to get around these days (dream on ) . . . I can just remember the milk man delivering in our village with a horse and 2 wheeled cart, that would have been very early 50's? . . . Webbs Diary, that was the name . . . come to think of it, the green grocer had a horse and cart as well, he used to come round on Saturday morning . . . Sheldrakes was their name, one of my first kisses was Shella Sheldrake . . . but at about seven or eight, it did not amount to much . . . Butchers boy used to deliver the Sunday joint on a bicycal with one of
  24. After Fridays mini session with the Orwell bass at anchor, I was looking at the tides with another couple of hours in mind. Saturday was garden and green house clean up day!!! What a wast time to have a 20x10ft green house and not use it for growing things Sunday, the Monaco Grand Prix . . . another must . . . plus the previous days clean up was still not complete. The tides were perfect Sunday, with low water at 6.04pm at Harwich. I could do all my chores, watch the motor racing and still get a few hours afloat in the evening, one of the advantages of living 20 minutes from the mari
  25. Friday, a day off to catch up with paperwork and chase some issues on the phone, left me with half a day to spare . . . tagged on to the bank holiday thats three and a half days off . . . 4 days really didn't have to get up early I had planed it so that I could take advantage of the late afternoon low water in the river. Its the start of the bass season, still early but there were reports of a few smaller fish. I locked out at 3pm, the wind was unsuitable for the River Stour, so the Orwell it was, great to have a choice! As the flood was 2 hours away and it only takes 20 minutes to get to
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