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  1. That's the whole point..in the last shot it is turning, I took the shot to show it turns true with no wobbles. Steve...
  2. Hi Budgie, I'm fine thanks...hope you are too. Yes someone will be delighted if it sells here, else it will be sold at higher price elsewhere. AN members get first oppurtunity though. Steve...
  3. Adcock Stanton Centrepin 5", with Ratchet and Handles. Used 2-3 times only in immaculate condition, runs true no wobbles. £100 plus postage. Steve...
  4. Yes just posting on a topic was how I initially started the comps or challenges as they where back then when I asked Elton for a Photo area, I then handed this over to Mr Wiggly as my life had changed. After Mr Wiggly sadly passed away I came back and sorted out an easier way to manage the comps as posting in topics is all that is required for members who enter, for the person collating the results it involved far more work. With the gallery I have currently in use there is little work to be done at all, for example to post the results page is simply copy and paste from the gallery to a po
  5. June and July will be the last months in its present format, hosted and maintained by myself. My time requirements are rapidly changing and I need to reorganise my own life. At the end of July it will be 18 months of comps and I will leave the gallery active and untouched untill the end of August 2010. If you have photos uploaded on the competition space that you would like to keep I advise you go and grab a copy of it before the end of August. And I remind people that grabbing any photo is not allowed if it is not your own work, you could always ask the photos owner if you can have a cop
  6. Congratulations to Janet in winning Photo of the month for May with her photo Heron, here are all the entrants photo's and finish scores, highest first. Heron by Janet Score : 179 CYGNETS by Janet Score : 162 Drinker moth caterpillar by Rich_ Score : 147 Furness Abbey by snatcher Score : 145 "Eye in the sky" by snatcher Score : 128 The Annual Burn Off by Clifftop Score : 128 Silhouette by Bobj Score : 113 Reflection by Janet Score : 64 Sizergh Gardens by snatcher Score :
  7. Congratulations to Bobj in winning Photo of the month for April 2010 with his photo Ball Bay Dawn, Good Friday 2010 , here are all the entrants photo's and finish scores, highest first. Ball Bay Dawn, Good Friday 2010. by Bobj Score : 273 Queens View,Tummel valley by snatcher Score : 258 Early morning mist on the River Calder by Janet Score : 243 LYTHAM ST ANNES WINDMILL by Janet Score : 211 Reflections of Loch Lochy by RobStubbs Score : 194 Stuck in the mud by SteveRandles Score : 179 Wallaby Watchi
  8. I suspect its Coniston then...its not Rydal or Grassmere...and it looks too large to be Esthwaite or Elter..I'll stick with Coniston, I've not been there for years ...I find it difficult to get too as I would have to travel past the likes of Buttermere, Crummock, Derwentwater, Thirlmere, Ullswater, Brothers etc etc...so little time...so much to see.. Where about in Cumbria are you? Steve...
  9. It be Windermere.. Steve...
  10. Seems a good price for what it offers but with Photoshop being so wide ranging in its use, I think there would be little to interest the Photographers here as its aimed at "Artworks". Besides, Photoshop is so popular there are literally millions of FREE tutorials online, its impossible to not find free info on anything photoshop related. Steve...
  11. Congratulations to Janet in winning Photo of the month for February with her photo "The boatyard", here are all the entrants photo's and finish scores, highest first. The boatyard by Janet Score : 226 Horse by Janet Score : 145 Dragon Dance by snatcher Score : 130 Max by Rich_ Score : 113 Beached... by Janet Score : 113 Helicopter in Flight by Clifftop Score : 113 Beetle head on by Clifftop Score : 98 Be my Valentine by snatcher Score : 49 Chinese Artistry by snatcher Sc
  12. I've had a quick look Fred...everything looks okay to me. Try again mate and let me know if you get any errors. Steve...
  13. Your probably right Rob, my answer was to your quoted words..... In that respect my reply is most definately on topic and valid. Photographing in Public places is most definately a right we have now, and should be kept...and probably will be for the reasons mentioned. The part that I am more concerned with (and everyone else should be) is the "orphaned" photos part. This is where I can see problems arising of photo use and theft thats supported by the government and where unscrupulous sorts will make money of the back of others work..without the original 'togs knowledge....and if if the 'tog d
  14. I'm not a Pro John and I dont earn money from my photos, its more the erosion of Photographers rights that the issue. And your work being allowed under goverment law to be used by anyone...for any purpose including financial gain. So in essence they could use your work to earn money you will not see at all unless you find out and chase it.....This will of course lead to other or further restrictions...no doubt. Den, under present law you could approach where the photo was published and ask for a fee or have it removed. Steve...
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