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  1. Terribly sad news. Condolences to Newt, family and friends.
  2. The company is Esselle Pole Repairs. All their work is 1st class and they can handle anything from a brocken section to a full refurb.
  3. kippaxkid, A couple of handy accessories I would add to your list are a decent side tray to fit the box legs as this can be used to rest bait boxes etc on so that they're easily to hand along with stuff such as catapults, disgorgers, the odd bits and bobs that you use during a session. Also a decent pole roller, which is a must and makes for much easier shipping of the pole in and out. Telescopic legs fitted to both the box and footplate make it a lot easier to level the box when setting up, especially if it's a peg without a platform. Check the footplate on your chosen box carefully to en
  4. Did someone mention mince pies and alcohol?? Merry Christmas to all on Anglers Net
  5. I have to say that this shows poor taste on the day the man has died.
  6. If you're looking for a quality expander to try, see if you can get hold of some G.O.T. Baits expanders, they beat any others I've tried hands down.
  7. there is a poll on itv news site Sport or cruelty? Now that hunting is banned, would you ban shooting and fishing? At the moment 34% want to ban shooting and fishing http://www.itv.com/news/ is the place to vote. :mad:
  8. LOL might be seen as a bit excessive. Seriously though, I think this is a great idea as it gets people exploring other sites and breaks down a few of the "Them and Us" barriers that can exist between sites. 1 question though. Where did you get youngfishinlass from!!!! and does she have an on/off switch?
  9. At Last, Found my AN password demon Good to see a few of you entering into the spirit of things, Rumour has it that the Maggotdrowners are getting ready to go on tour soon. Feel free to venture into other parts of the forum, where I'm sure your input would be welcomed. Peter (MD's Mod)
  10. Age? What rings were used on them? Reel seats? Best use for them? Anything really Budgie. I've tried searching the net and all I've really found is that they were allegedly based on a XT90 blank, apart from that I can't find a thing.
  11. I've just brought a pair of 2nd hand rods from 1 of my club members, But i can't find any info about them. They are 12ft Shimano Twin Power specimen rods with a 2¼lb test curve. They appear to be a brownish colour blank with a distinctive red & black cross weave. This is a link to a photo showing the graphics on the rods........ img.photobucket.com/albums/v75/pnm1.../TwinPower1.jpg Carping isn't really my thing but I'm looking to get into it, so I'd appreciate any info on these rods that anyone could help me with. Thanks, Pete.
  12. Ray, The new Monks Lakes will be opening on Friday 29th OCTOBER 2004. They have a website at http://www.monklakes.co.uk/
  13. This is the best i've seen...... http://www.moopoo.net/fishing/
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