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    pike perch chub generally anything that will take lures and big sky fishing
  1. the one that makes it difficult is the 3 piece bit a six foot or six six 2 piece will be as compact as you will find im afraid
  2. bump ive bumped this as a lure ive been looking at to complement my minnowbaits turned up 4 years ago on this budgie talk to me please Windels Muskie Snack looking for a minnowbait to complement magnum bombers and mirrolures in the biggest sizes different rise rates etc how does it compare to either and lo and behold its been mentioned on a thread i posted on a while back and all this after spending three days trawling muskie, walleye forums in the US its enough to make me cry it really is lol ps ive had grief trying to get into here for a while now so if
  3. they look like dam lures the effzett ive been searching for for a while now cheers
  4. have i found a friend through this yey i usually just get grief for my veiws on it if we dont try to reduce the impact and spread then we may as well give up in my opinion take the spread of ruffe for instance in some waters the impact these can have is staggering (think char's whitefish watever you want to call them) in one glacial i fish zander are now only a stones throw away in geographic terms being downstream, and in (im lead to beleive) a canal that runs very close. do we as anglers allow this endangered species to go the way of the burbot or do we remove every zand
  5. that breaks down a little are otters a non native invasive species? or dolphins? zander carp cats are no different from japanese knotweed,himalayan balsam, sycamore, rhodadendrons.... they all take up a place in the system that has been previously occupied by a native species, and from that native species other natives depend ok take sycamore as an example it does support a large biomass of other species however they are a fraction in actual species types that something like a native oak would support
  6. im with the remove them brigade on this this is an important point before i go on these veiws only apply to open waters true enclosed fisheries are different all invasive species inc carp zander rainbows ....... pose a threat to native flora and fauna and as such should be removed.
  7. i am i think ill be on the pre loved stand
  8. if it was in my neck of the woods you could see that up here we seem to have the carp is king mentality where lakes silver fish populations are removed and 4 ounce carp filled in to keep anglers happy if i take three of the better specimen waters we once had a park lake a small dam and a large dam these three waters have been destroyed. at one time they all produced roach well in excess of a pound pike to mid 20's tench in the 5-6 pound bracket and mid 20 carp two did close to double figure bream now one has been destroyed by illegal introductions of pastie carp from the neighboring clu
  9. he could have been a model boater and lost his submarine ill get me coat
  10. reel cd4, or 6 maybe the suverighuuuyfbn the posh abu thing buggered if i can spell that at this time
  11. wigton is a bit far lol, im down the m6 between liverpool and manchester. try the local pac http://region5northlakes.blogspot.com/ get hold off kenny of there he doesnt post often on the blog but he may be able to help you with fishing up that end. where you heading to uni?
  12. charlie where are you from if your localish i can probably get a days fishing out of this if you want to get some experience
  13. esthwaite? are you clued up on boats, and do you have gear thats usefull for boat fishing? there is very limited bank space on there and as emma points out you can only go from oct to the end of march and its not cheap its around 70 quid for the day with two of you sharing a boat and motor, the life jackets are free though a good thing about the place is you can get your bait there and the staff a very helpfull, they will turn you away if you turn up with unsuitable kit though best tip for esthwaite i can give you learn how to lure fish effectivly baits work but give me lures on th
  14. if your intent on cumbria make sure you have gear suitable for the place, oh and dont forget the bait restrictions in force i fish up there a fair bit anything you want to ask fire away
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