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  1. thanks for all the info guys. I understand that when youve got the reel in front of you it almost always tells you the capacity, but due to the hours I work I do most of my shopping on the internet and descriptions are normally very shallow (as Steve said). such a shame there isnt a universal method for this, would make it alot more simpler, looks like I'll have to make time at a weekend to go into the local tackle shop (just means missing an early morning start) oh well. Once again, thanks alot
  2. Hey all. I'm looking to buy my first new reel for many years, currently I'm mainly fishing below a very big fast, snag filled, weir for barbel upto 14lb. Im wanting a reel that's suitable for about 15lb mono line but all I ever see is sizes such as 30,35, 40 etc... Would somebody please be able to explain to me how these sorts of sizes translate into max line capacity?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. P.S. If any one can suggest a good reel at a budget price (about £50) then that would be greatly appreciated also!!!
  3. Well got back down yesterday afternoon and got the peg I wanted on a big bend in the river. Really simple tactics with just using luncheon meat and hemp alone as no local tackle shops were open. Between me and a friend we caught 3 barbel in about 3 hours weighing approx 1,3 and 7 lb. Our first ever Barbel. So so happy, Best fish we have ever caught going back down tomorrow fully loaded for more
  4. I set out at 11pm last night for a 1am start below the weir in beeston nottingham hoping for a barbel and maybe a chub, to find every fishable peg taken for about a 30 min walk. After finding a far from ideal peg I baited up with groundbait, hemp, pellets and meat and began to set up my rods. I was planning to have one setup with two pellets on a hair and one with luncheon meat on the hook I then looked into my tackle box to realise I had forget my baiting needle I managed to haphazardly thread some meat and pellets onto the hooks but it was far from ideal I had one bite aro
  5. Stupot85

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    bait stopper backwater
  6. Im only 21 and already can't wait to get out of here. Big OZ for mr though. Then you dont have to learn any language. LOL
  7. Hi markp Becuase I'm new to this I can't send PM's Once Ive got my rating up I will get in touch. Do use a hair rig or not? because Ive never tried to set one up
  8. Hey Mark. great to see someone local. don't think i can pm at the minute because i havent made enough posts. would love a couple of hints at decent pegs though. is it best to fish in the middle of the river or towards the banks? what about luncheon meat as a hook bait? any tips on flavours or preparing the meat. never done anyhting like that before.
  9. Hi all. I started fishing a couple of years ago on the Trent in Attenborough Nature Reserve, Nottingham. I usually float fish maggot and always take a nice catch of small (2-10 oz) perch and roach. One night as I was finishing fishing I watched someone pull in a weighed 8lb barbel and it just caught my imagination. looking round the internet I've seen a few tips that below the weir in beeston is the place to be for barbel. Is the start of the new season a good time for barbel and what sort of tactics should I use? Feeder with Gbait/hemp/casters/maggot? Meat on the hook? are hair rigs
  10. Hey RPM. What part of the trent? I'm on my way down to the river now to check it out. thinking of going just below the weir at beeston, nottingham. been some steady barbel fishing their over the past few years apparently. anywhere near you?
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