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  1. After having read Mr Athurs article. It saddens me greatly as it makes him look like a bitter dyed in the woud man. My children and I met him once when we wondered into a local fishing compertion. He was a happy open and encourging individual who did what he could to show my children the fish and hopefully get them interested. For some reason he feels that he and the rest of the maggot drowners have a devine right to make the rules for the rest of the sport based just on who pays for what. I turned from the dark side because I was sick of the embittered views of the few. Is Mr Arthur willing to throw out fluff chuckers as well or should it be that they have more of a say as salmond and migratories fisherpeople pay twice as much as he does? I don't know. Tight lines squibs
  2. The PWC guys seem to be a little on the dull side. Want was wrong with putting it on the roof rack? I wonder if the car still has that new car smell?
  3. squibs

    Isle of Wight

    I'm off to the IOW at the end of the week for a spot of holibobs. Going to get a bit of fishing in between trips out with the kids. Really looking forward to it as I've fished the dorset coast and had found it to be a hoot. As I've never been to the IOW before, so has anyone got any tips where to go, baits and the best tides? I'm looking to do a bit of beach casting, however I feel i'll be restricted to swiffing and spinning which is ok. We're staying the freash water bay side of the Island, so I beleave it to be the rocky side and if access allows well suited to these styles. Any advice is welcome. Tight lines. squibs
  4. Just shows you the value of getting down to your local first aid provider and learning some basic life support skills. You never know when you'll need them. Tight lines Squibs
  5. I think that you'd be hard pushed convincing plod that you'll be needing this on the beach. Some how I think that your session would come to an abrupt end, followed by a short stay, payed for by the public and supported by our angliogermanic leader. tight lines squibs
  6. Ed, A far as I know you should never seal a cork handle. Stops them breathing. I've never sealed any of my rod handles, course, sea or fly and I've never had one fail (even on the poorer grades of rod and I've had a few). The only thing I've only been told to do, if you have a really shabby handle, is to lightly sand it and fill it if you need to. Don't ask me for the correct filler, as I've not had to do that either. I may have been lucky (I don't know really). The only thing that I do to all my rods is to wipe them down at the end of the session and use the cloth bags that they come with. Oh and leave the end cap off of any rod tube I'm using, if the weather has been phishwarring it down when I store the rod. I hope this help. Tight lines. squibs Forgot to add that you lose grip on a sealed wet cork handle as well. Not something that is handy with a costly rod. squibs
  7. Gav. The answer to your storage problems is valcro. I have a 8wt fly rod stuck to the underside of the parcel shelf in my car. The reel and a small fly box are secreated in small cubby holes in various places around the car. They are always at the ready. I just change the tippet to suit sea or fresh water. Look for dead space in the car my friend and she'll never have a chance to whinge at you. Good luck and tight lines. squibs
  8. That's an a lot of steaks and Tuna sandwiches Bret. Well done to you all on what looks like a cracking trip. tight lines squibs
  9. As per normal hellbelly, really good photos. The fishing looks top draw as well. You lucky, lucky people. tight lines squibs
  10. Well done and tight lines for you.
  11. Lucid Check out ebay. If you mean a Abu Garcia 6500 when you said 6500ss then you can find good ones. The same can be said about Penns reels. If you do your homework and find out at what point these companies out sourced their products and work backwards from that point. I picked up a near perfect Abu 6500ct for £56 a while back. Designed and made in Sweden. I was and still am made up about the reel. For multiplers I personally stick to Abu's, Penn and Diawa. I'm not so sure about Egg whisks (fixed spool) as I tend not to spend more than £40 on one. All I would say about them is that you need to look at the type of gearing that will suit you and that you need to look for good line lay. Aways go for a ball bearinged bale arm roller, It will help to stop line twist and tangles. The cheeper ones have a plain bearing which is servicable, but can lock up when put under pressure. As for Basspro well I was looking for a 3wt fly fishing set up. I walked in with nearly $500 to spend (saved for a year for a decent rod and reel package and a fishing trip), didn't spend that mind you. Very helpful, but I guess money talks. The chap did baulk when I asked whether if he would throw in a line or give me a discount (I put it down to cultural differences and me being a cheeky Brit'). When you spend that sort of money in the uk, you generally get something. He chucked in some backing, not much, but a small token victory. Thanks Newt I was referring to your goodself and not Norm (just as famous, but home grown). Lucid, I understand that money is tight, it is every where. With a bit of research and a bit of luck you'll find exactly what you need, so good hunting and tight lines. squibs
  12. Hello lucid Not certain what size fish you intend on catching your side of the pond. The poundage that you are talking about generally fit into the boat fishing area over here, 20 - 30lb will see you hauling up large fish from the depths over the side of a boat. For spinning / plugging 6-12lb in the uk seems to be the norm'. I personally use 8lb or 10lb when spinning on clean beaches and a fine braid (8lb dia) for fishing when I go to fish the rocky shores of the south of england. You need to identify the max' weight that you are fishing for in your area and rig up accordingly. To me spinning with a 15 to 30lb t.c would be like fishing with a broom handle (no offence intended). I was in the US last year and to be honest Walmart isn't what I would concider to be a tackle / bait shop. Friendly staff but not fisher people. Your best bet would be to find your local tackle / bait shop and ask for advice there. They should know the local areas that you'd be fishing and if they value your custom they should give you a good deal. I found a Basspro shop and entered into my own fish heaven. Mind you it was two dollers to the pound at the time. I think Norm of A.N fame is from your side, he may be able to expand even more if he picks up on this thread. I hope I haven't muddy the waters even more for you and wish that you find your own piece of fishing heaven. Tight lines. squibs
  13. Looks like Marlin muggin' to me.
  14. Yes can I have one like owl trout please? Oh and does it come with a house that is big enough to stop the wife from bleating (I'm not from Derbyshire before any wise old soul picks that one up)? Good luck with the project and exam Etrius. Oh and filled out the survey as well. Tight lines squibs
  15. The quality of the members is true testiment to the AN. Simply put, quality site, quality members. WELL DONE ELTON.
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