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  1. "in the UK's version most inmates probably are" indeed, true zen clowns, and the proof of this is try explaining quantum physics to them and they laugh at it. It amuses me loads that most resent the idea that theyre a clown
  2. given infinite time, if you want to accept that time does indeed exsist , it has already happened , infinite times , so boiling it down to either hapening or not makes no sense
  3. "but it all breaks down to mine in the end, it happens or it does not " Not neccessarily at all.The many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics suggests there are different editions of everything, including you, in many different worlds simultaneously, an infinite number of them , and all real. If correct the word happen is redundant as not only has it already happened, it is still happening and will continue to do so. Sooooo should a different edition of me be out there reading this , I hope your having a better time of it mate.
  4. "I understand Quantum Mechanics, but that is just a heap of old tosh mate. " with regard to time travel it maybe of benifit to go over the double slit experiment which Ive no intention of explaining as Im sure you'll have an easier time of reasearching than I did and anyone stating that they understand quantum mechanics obviously understands nothing
  5. Its a load easier to come from the theory that time does not exsist
  6. The very cornerstone of quantum physics is the uncertainty principle which states that you can know the position of a subatomic partical or its momentum , but never both simulaneously. If you understand this you should understand about awareness. You conjure up reality and reality conjures up you
  7. lol , no ta , I'll stick to my shack were I can lie out on the rock and nettle strewn veranda and not have the worry of diesel costs etc . ( no wonder the bugger is panning for gold )
  8. as someone that started off living in a carvan and cant wait to get back to that way of life you make my heart sing
  9. "ANds most of the CEOs in these investment banks didn't even understand the instruments there trading rooms were dealing in so didn't have a chance of controlling them" Oh those selling them understood alright, its was the greedy and then the mugs as it always is that get left holding the worthless. Business is the same as any other facet of life , if you dont, you end up losing out to the competition that is , its either jump when the others do or your business is going under regardless.The questions that really should be asked is just how come the worlds most astute finacial brains didnt
  10. "I hear what you all say about Brown but who ever was in government it would have gone the same way, these banks did not loose this money because of internal UK trading it was the world markets where they came unstuck, and what we have is dozens of Nick Leesons and the irony is we are paying for their cockups." These banks didnt only lose your money but money that didnt even exsist , which you have to admit is a prety neat trick in anyones book.
  11. "i dont like to call anyone an idiot myself.i try and respect others point of view, even if i dont agree with it. i do think that many of the general public in the uk, have been misled,and fooled for a long time. you may agree, that when you are "watching from afar", it is sometimes easier to see things clearer." and still they do nothing but to moan how bad things are
  12. Oi captain , do you still think I was wrong to call them idiots ?
  13. "I can see we pay hight taxes, but I don't see the benefits." Ah thats because there aint any
  14. too right. For a country with sweet f.a and that is as near as damn totaly reliant on food imports the pretenciousness is staggering
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