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  1. Thanks tony, il definatley have to give it a go. hopefully with a little bit of pre-baiting and patience il be able to get in contact with a few of the carp down there. thanks again in-line
  2. alright guys, just a quick questions about the KAPS section of the medway. recently ive been giving the river a go, with varying results but nothing more than a few 3lb bream. i was just wondering if anyone knows if there are any carp that reside in this stretch, i persoanlly havent heard of any captures but i thought it was worth asking. if so what sort of tactics would you recomend. i know at the moment there is a little bit of weed and also that the bottom is littered with tonnes of dead branches and snags. any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance in-line
  3. nice one guys hopefully il get some time and be able to put in a few nights down there. so just put the bait out bout 10 yards?? little pva bags nd that sould do the job? il have a little bit of a lead around when i get there and try to find the shelf but atleast i no that there not all out at range cheers in-line
  4. hi guys ive recently started fishing down in snodland on the KAPS water. what a great fishery,scenery is amazing and a great bunch of people. always giving a helpin hand to put you on some fish. ive fished burrows lake (the old stock pond) and had a few fish out biggest has been around 14 lb and that was around the begginnin of febuary. ive also had a few more out over april but again around 8-10 lb. ive tried doin short day sessions on the bigger lake(think its called pollard from what ive been told) with no luck. i was just wonderin wot sort of approach you need to catch out of
  5. hey guys just a quick question thats had me stumped for a lil while now ive recently made the change from shelf-life baits to freezer bait and i have to say im very happy with the change. ive used many of the brands on the market as well as my local tackle shop ones. although they hav caught me many fish im still not sure bout the way th baits thaw out. once i remove them from the freezer, the smell is fine but after a couple of hours they smell like they hav gone off ! the pinapple ones smell disgusting and the cell have a weirdly nice smell, but its not the original smell.
  6. hi all just a quick question normally when i go fishing i prefer to fish close to snags or under overhanging bushes, and for this i normally fish locked up or i wind down nice and tight to the lead- therefore i get indication the minute anything picks up my bait. although i know that the banks are undercut and therefore its a good place to present a bait, right along the bank to the left or right. i have tried this previously and had so many line bites its unbelievable, this is because i always wind down tightly to the lead. what im going to try is slack line fishing and this is wh
  7. i went down a couple of days ago and the main thing that worried my was the fact that there was only one person fishing on one of the 6-7 lakes that i walked around. the place is huge and has about 9 lakes and its own tackle shop- yet it only had one person fishing it. weird?? cheers in-line
  8. hi all i was going to go to beaver farm fisheries today.last night i got all my bait ready,removed it all from the freezer to thaw out and bought a ton of maggots. i set up all my rods and packed my new holdall with everything i might need for a day session. i then thought that there may be some catch reports on the internet. i search beaver farm and found a post on another forum warning people not to go to beaver. i read all the responses and it seems that there have been many people who dislike the fishery. there were two things that i read that concerned me. the first was the report
  9. hi ray the main thing to consider is the type of swims you will be fishing. if you are going to be fishing a swim with alot of snags(overhanging bushes or lily pads) you will need stronger line than if you fish a un-snaggy swim. as long as you play the fish correctly there is no reason why you cant catch a 30lber on 10lb line. some fisheries do state that you must use a line of a certain breaking strain. for example one of my locals that holds fish up to about 48lb say you need a minimum of 15lb line. i would recommend 12lb line as this can deal with situations where a bit of forc
  10. just thought id let you know i went down to the tackle shop and had a chat to one of the guys he said that it was possible to get a replacement top section and it would probally cost around £25 i though this was pretty good, although i might have to wait a couple of weeks for the order to go through and the top section to arrive cheers in-line
  11. thanks for your help rob and budgie il go down there tomorrow and ask them about it cheers again in-line
  12. its a fox warrior 2.75lb marker it about £55-60 i never really got to use it that much
  13. the rod was only about £60. do you reckon that the tackle shop would charge me more than this just for ordering the top section? if so il probably just buy a new one. cheers in-line
  14. hi guys just wondering if it is possible to buy part of a rod. i seem to have misplaced the top section of my marker rod(probally left it somewhere) is it possible to buy part of a rod or will i need to purchase a new one. it wasnt too expensive to begin with so buying another wouldnt break the bank, i was just wondering if it would be possible to order the new section for less money than buying a new rod. cheers in-line
  15. went to mousehole on sunday just thought id let you know how i got on. the weather started off awful although the fish were still spawning.(weeds in margins were covered in eggs) we managed 4 carp to about 6lb then from 10 till 4 the fishing stopped as the sun rose over the lake. then all hell broke loose and we had a further 5 fish of 5,6,7,12 and 13lb. all in all it was a good days fishing and the great thing was that there were only about 5 or 6 people on the entire lake! not really sure what size the fish run to but i think the two doubles must be a good average for the lake. che
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