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  1. i am not a specimen carp angler but would suggest you have a look at the cheaper diawa rods i picked one up on half your budget and have had carp and sturgeon over 20lb and used it for light beach casting and had no problems
  2. I have seen rod license owners being pulled up over minor rules yet the yobs who dont even have a license refuse to give a name and threaten to give the EA officer a swimming lesson if he didnt let them leave the scene. seems people who think they are playing by the rules and make genuine mistakes get a rougher ride than them who have no intention of buying a license in the first place.
  3. All the best and tight lines for 2010 hopefully it will be better than 2009
  4. cheers i seen a method similar on an episode of go fishing a few years back my local tackle shop isnt much use as the owner only seems helpful when there is a few quid involved, which is why i dont feel guilty about buying most of my gear online these days thanks for the help
  5. the tip section of my match rod recently snapped off and up to now i have had no luck in finding a replacement section so rather than letting the rod just go to waste i am wondering about converting it. but am not sure the best way of going about it, i have thought about cutting it to the right diameter for push in tips but this might be a bit tricky or weather to get a permanent tip that feeds threw from the inside and whip eyes onto it any advice someone a bit more experienced can offer would help out big time mike.
  6. thanks rusty i should have done a search of the forum before posting, my heads not with it this week
  7. do people recommend them ? i prefer watching a float than a quiver tip or bite alarm and with the wind picking up a standard float doesnt seem to be holding where i have been putting loose feed i was wondering if anyone who had used one before could give me an idea of how sensitive they are to shy bites in windy weather i was thinking of using one with a small swim feeder in fairly deep water (about 12ft deep) any tips and advice would be great cheers mike
  8. mike1234


    i have always heard people on about catching decent perch on leather jackets (daddy long legs larva) but i have only ever found about 2 or 3 of the things and never had enough success with them to bother looking for more the only other bait i have used and had a few perch apart from maggots and worm is prawns
  9. Thanks for the replies i suppose the only reason its never happened before is that something else as always picked up the worm first. i will hopefully be out somewhere this thursday so might give the place another go and try another swim, the swim i was fishing in has a long deep channel where the fish seem to patrol so i suppose it would also make a good place for a pike to ambush them i might give the lake another go this week and if i get the same results i might invest in some wire trace and lures and have a go for pike
  10. Over the last 2 Autumn/Winters i have fished a larger deep lake with a small feeder with a few red maggots and a bit of ground bait and a lob worm on the hook which produced some quality perch and bream, but this year it seems a lot slower, on thursday morning i arrived at the lake at dawn and had a slow morning with only a few knocks on the tip when about lunch time my quiver tip seemed to pull round in a stabbing fashion and i pulled in a small jack pike around 2lb just as i was thinking of packing up the tip pulled round fast and then dropped back and i sat with my hand hovering ove
  11. there are only 2 pond on there worth fishing as the others are the size of garden pools i went there last year and wasnt impressed with the place over stocked and over crowded
  12. the thing thats annoying me most is everytime i go fishing on a thursday, the main day i can get out. there is an old man who always seems to arrive about an hour after me, and always sets up in a swim not to far away from mine, and answers his mobile phone every few minutes with a booming voice telling his wife how many fish he as caught (or hasnt due to shouting at the top of his voice to his wife on the phone or his mate in the next swim). i have seen him the past 4 or 5 times i have been out on 2 different waters, hopefully the cold weather setting in will either kill him off or put h
  13. I recently bought a 13ft 3 section Abu Esprit MK2 Match Rod and unfortunately the top tip section as been damaged making the rod no longer usable i have only had it a few months and i think the tip as been trodden on i tried contacting purefishing.com who couldnt help and put me in contact with ensign fishing tackle who also dont have a tip section if anyone knows of somewhere i could get hold of a replacement tip i would be really grateful as the rod was a present and i would rather repair it than replace it,
  14. as long as your not going to be targeting the bigger carp you will probably pick up a decent match rod for around 30 to 40 quid a reel for around 20 and a landing net for about 12-15 quid, possible to get most of what you need on that budget best ask around your local tackle shops a bit of haggling might get some floats and bits and bobs thrown in float fishing with a nice light rod is probably the most enjoyable way of fishing
  15. perhaps some kind of butterfish ?
  16. cheers for the help will ask in the tackle shop about them and if not i have found a few people stocking them online
  17. i have bought several new bottom sections for my umbrella (the spikey bit that goes in the ground) and they always end up bending or broken at the end of each season does anyone out the make sturdy replacements that will last a rough handed angler a bit longer without jamming inside the umbrella or get dented by the fixing screw so much that they will no longer fit inside i have asked in my local tackle shop and to be honest i didnt get much help, just shown the replacements i have already bought and some spare parts he had cheers mike
  18. i have never heard of any problems that could be linked to them being a nuisance or even heard of anyone catching one so if they was a nuisance species hopefully they are all gone, but there is only a small group of people who fish the lake and most of them dont target anything but carp (even tho there are a lot of species in there) so if they was a smaller species that feed mostly at night it would make sense that they dont get caught much,
  19. cheers newt i assume they would have been sold to go into a garden pool. i was told that they came from a local garden centre and was being sold off cheap, probably because the more active and colourful fish where more likely to sell apparently around 20 of them was put into the water but i dont know what species they where so its hard to find out much in the way of life span or breeding conditions to see if they are still in there i suppose the only way of knowing if they can be caught there is by fishing for them i have been looking at what fish are being sold here in gar
  20. i was speaking to someone who fishes one of the same farm pools as me and he told me that about 15 years ago someone bought up some freshwater catfish from a pet shop and released them into the water i have never heard of anyone catching any recently but i know that alot of the fish in there came from other lakes mostly from another local lake that was filled in i know there are some nice sized goldfish in there and other ornamentals that most likely came from pet shops or garden pools, i doubt the lake owner or anyone official would have been asked about the introduction as the fishi
  21. unfortunately i have to fit my fishing in with a holiday for the family not the other way about but if i am taking some tackle i thought it would be a good chance to target some new species as i have caught most of the species we have here that i am probably going too, the black bass look like they would be worth a go
  22. i am looking at going away next year probably somewhere in mainland spain or portugal and will be taking the usual stuff for light beach casting but i really want to try some course fishing out there but not just for carp and cats, i want to go for as many fresh water species as possible especially ones not found in the u.k as anyone ever fished out there and know any good methods for targeting some fish i will not have caught before ?
  23. over the past few months my girlfriend as been dropping hints about coming fishing with me but i dont know if its a good idea i know there are a lot of women anglers out there who love being on the banks but i know my girlfriend thinks that big carp and nice tench and bream come out every five minutes like on the fishing programs i suspect that she would be bored after an hour and would complain about wanting to go the toilet every 5 mins or even worse she might enjoy it and wanna come with me all the time
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