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  1. Can beat that...3lb bream, size 2 hook, 4 20mm halibut pellets. hooked in the bottom lip. had one on a third of a tin of spam too.
  2. It seemed like it happened overnight...one year im walking round the beach to fish behind the holiday camp and next year the beach has totally gone. ive been going there for 23 year and my old man has fished it since the mid 60s, its crazy
  3. for the last 3 years i have been using 20lb braided mainline, with a 60lb braided leader and then a basic 50lb single or double hook rig made from mono. The braided knots are so much stronger than the mono ones of years gone by. i can cast further and the bites are awesome. i snagged up last week and snapped the 50lb knot at the weight, couldn't believe it didn't snap at the uni knot at the leader. Just don't see the need for this technology on the beach, things do not need to be complicated.
  4. cant see how this is beneficial....so everythime u snag, u snap off at the leeder knot....great stuff
  5. thanks for the reply...think u may have a different hopton on sea though, im refering to hopton, norfolk, uk. i am pretty certain that sandy hasnt had anything to do with the lack of sand here...
  6. defo outside, left a load fermenting in my garage for about a month and it was horrendous when i opened it, sure it would have worked tho...
  7. Been fishing Hopton beach for the last 20 years (my old man the last 40) and the last two years ive been there the beach has all but gone, anyone got any info on where the sand is...?
  8. wouldnt that be the alarm that uses the pp9 battery? check that. Got 3 for 30 quid out of the 2nd hand bit in my local. couldnt get on with em due to the sheer lasiness of the pike where i was fishing.
  9. pearbo

    throw nets

    Nope cast nets are illegal in fresh water in the uk. suppose u could use em in the sea but recon it would be a complete waste of time.
  10. Totally agree, lots of people knock digis but i carry just about every known battery with me anyway. Easy to zero, accurate and easy to read. What more could you want. I don't care if they are a quarter oz out when the battery is half full, does it really matter.
  11. I remember fishing on a lake next to another lake that had a match on. Poles everywhere. I sat carping and as one of the matchmen came up to tell his mate how crap it was fishing, i casually mentioned about not leaving his pole fishing, he said something along the line of, i haven't had a bloody bite all day. Cue his pole going by, full 16m of it , didn't see that happening. It actually happened to two people in that match. Moral of the story, no unattended rods.
  12. Try it, wont use any other colour now, its unstopppable behind a method ball.
  13. Over-rated: boilies, quick bait for lazy anglers. Poor bait for new anglers. Pitifull performance on commercials. A carp will pick anything up eventually Under-rated: Pink plastic corn - legendary (don't tell anyone though)
  14. A bit lame!!! the owner of the garage should have rigged a shotgun to the door handle with a piece of string.
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