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  1. i have recently found a deep channel that runs just a few feet out from the bank with a few carp and big bream lying in which is only 20ft from the bank, the problem is when i throw a bait in and get a take when i strike i feel the fish bumping off, i am not sure if its because of the cold weather or something i am doing wrong i have been using hair rigged boiles,and pellets, and lucheon meat and sweet corn on the hook and had the same problem, can anyone help out with better tactics for targeting fish close to the bank
  2. in the winter feeders full of bait cast into the same spot seems to kill my fishing maybe you fish somewhere which has a greater stock of fish, i wouldnt use the method in the summer but it seems to be working for the colder days when it certainly ISNT hard to over feed fish
  3. i have been using a closed feeder one of the little plastic bubbles with a cap each end and little holes on the sides for maggots to riddler out of but i have been filling the feeder with lobworm sections that cannot escape the holes so the fish cannot eat anything but the hook bait, my local lake fishes well in the winter but over feeding can kill a days fishing on colder days so instead of putting a feeder out then swapping to a lead i have been using the feeder as more of a attractant rather than depositing loose feed
  4. i have been using my feeder with chopped worm sections that are mostly too big to leave the feeder which is meant for maggots so only the hook bait can be taken and the feeder is only providing smell when the fish arent eating alot of offerings it seems to be working i am hoping to try it with other smellier baits just to get the fish looking for food but not taking the free offering and then moving off
  5. with all the species entering our seas that wasnt heard off 20 years ago it would make sense that more freshwater species are surviving here that may not have done before. my local aquarium as 100s of species and more and more exotics every year, it only takes a few escapes or people keeping fish outside that find there way into our water systems, a small pool on a piece of waste ground here was filled with kio, golden orfe, and shubunkins, from someones garden pool, rumour has it that the fish got there threw a wife releasing her husbands pond fish in there after an arguement, could h
  6. i am going up to Scotland on holiday next year with my girlfriends parents and my first thought was its by the sea so i will be able to get some fishing in i mainly do course fishing these days as i dont live near the sea and am not driving at the moment but most of my childhood was spent sea fishing off the rocks, but my beach caster is a 2 section rod and is far too big to take with me and non of the local tackle shops seem to do a travel rod capable of casting out a 6oz grip lead in my price range of under £50 does anyone know a place online i might find one, i dont really want to
  7. As I can only get out to go fishing on Thursdays and Sundays I usaully opt for the thursday as most people are in work or school or whatever so the banks are less crowded, and there is a better choice of swims. This week i couldnt make it out on the Thursday so had to make do with a Sunday, i arrived at a local lake at about 7am and set up and had a few nice hours fishing then at about noon the 'caught anything mate' people started wondering the banks, by 2:30 a gang of kids of about 15 turned up with bags full of fishing equipment which was flung down onto a wooded staging then after an h
  8. small roach arent fussy, small bream arent fussy, but the bigger ones outgrow the little maggot snatchers for a reason most carp are only fussy because they are heavily targeted there are a some farm pools i know that are only fished by kids and the odd passing angler who bothers to knock at the farmers door for permission where sweetcorn can pull in 20 upwards small carp in a 8 hour session but anything weighing over a few pound is rare unless you are willing to put the effort in. most people i know have had carp to double figures but not many have had a perch over 2lb,
  9. i remember a few years back when screaming reels was on channel 4 they was using lugworm for perch so ragworm would probably do the trick too
  10. my local lake is full of perch and red maggot seems to have more success than other colours for perch where as the bream and roach dont seem bothered what colour they are i have thought about dying lob worms dark red for the bigger ones, i dont know if the colouring would just come off or if it would affect the health of the worm making it less appealing but red baits seem to work better for perch and tench
  11. clearing up a bit of mess is no problem if i leave it long enough my girlfriend will do it, shop bought stuff is convenient but its always more fun to put your own take on stuff when ever i get dragged around a supermarket i am always on the look out for new things to try for bait, and since my local tackle shop doubles as a pet shop selling a variety of pet foods i am always trying new ideas it just makes it a bit more rewarding if you have managed to hook a fish on a bait you have thought up or made yourself
  12. i have decided to have a go at making my own baits as it seems like more fun than just picking up nicely packaged baits from the tackle shops, i dont have any equipment for the job apart from stuff found in the kitchen, i have looked on a few sites for recipes for a few ideas but its always nice to see what works for people on here. if anyone can help out with a nice easy recipe to get me started with nothing to exotic or pricey in it i would be forever grateful
  13. this week i went down to a local farm pool that as a lot of carp from 3lb up to double figures there was a few fish feeding of the surface and a lot of bubbles coming up from feeding fish, i float fished crab flavoured hookable pellets on a size 12 hook to 8lb line but when ever the float raced under and i struck there was nothing there, bites on sweet corn and luncheon meat where shy the pellets seemed to get the fish interested but i couldnt seem to hook them i dont know if the hooks where too small or if fishing on the float is the wrong way to target them,
  14. i do live up north, working hard all day for a bite isnt a problem, i would prefer it over as soon as placing a bait in the water 3ft or 30ft from the bank pulling in another small skimmer i do fish other places but this place is 2 mins away from my house and is only £12 a season so i spend a lot of time there. and on some other waters i fish i would be glad of a skimmer or two but i know there are other species in there and wondered if anyone could help me get threw the thousands of small fish to other species in the colder months i have caught crucians late tench and the odd sma
  15. a local lake 5 mins from my house as a good variety of species carp,roach,perch,tench,crucians etc but its very rare to catch anything except a palm sized skimmer once i start to feed a swim straight away there is 100s of them on the bait, i enjoy fishing and catching any fish but it seems like there is no challenge just dip in a hook with any bait on withing a minute or 2 you have another skimmer on the bank i have tried every bait under the sun and have gone up to size 10 and 12 hooks to try for lager species but they seem to keep trying until another fish of a few inches manages
  16. in fresh water i would go with gudgeon, perch, tench salt water would have to be the cuckoo wrasse
  17. what i dont get is that he was saying how the population has declined and how they are such a rarity then pan fried them on the bank side it would seem the general message is there isnt many left so get em while you can
  18. john wilsons avon/quiver really adaptable,
  19. there arent that many people allowed to fish the ponds its a private pond, and its in the middle of nowhere so i doubt they get fished for that much. the main reason i wanted a permit is to escape all the extra people on the bank this weather. if they have grown to that size in that water then they are probably happy enough, its just worrying if they have been taken from a larger water and havent got enough food or space
  20. One of my friends dad is part of a syndicate that manages some small pools in a farmers field, i managed to talk him into getting me a permit reasonably priced at £6 for the rest of the year, so me and one of the lads i go fishing with took a ride out to have a look at the ponds which arent very big having about 10 pegs each, but there was about 5 large carp under the surface which looked to be in there 20s(lb) i asked the friends dad who manages the fishing and he said that they was stocked in there years ago and grew that big in the pond, but the fish in there are not fed by pellet a
  21. the bars seem to be close in and the lake is quiet deep so by the time the hooked fish reaches them its usually high enough in the water to go over them, the problem is detecting the bites in the first place to get to that stage i am not the best artist but i have done a drawing to sort of demonstrate my problem,
  22. next time i am in the tackle shop i will buy some braid for the spare spool and hopefully it will sort everything out, as the majority of my fishing is done using a float and thats what i am used to i think i will look into a polaris float too,
  23. i am using a quite heavy tip as the feeder i use is fairly heavy so i can wack it out further, using one with less weight doesnt get the distance and i thought a bite alarm might have more sensitivity, i think the float method might be the best option cheers for all the help,
  24. a few times last year when fishing really far out with a feeder i seem to be getting less bite indication the further out i fish on the quiver tip is there any tips on how to solve this because all the big fish seem to be in the deeper water further out and i would prefer to watch the rod tip than waiting for a buzzer to sound, the lake bottom is very uneven, the lake is man made and can go from 3ft deep to 8ft deep in a matter of yards and i know it as lots of shelves and raised bars and is apparently 17ft deep at its deepest so my line going over a raised underwater hill and ba
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