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  1. perhaps some where line bites but mostly it was a fishing moving off with the hook bait, but i think i missed a lot of potential fish due to not knowing when to strike,
  2. the fish werent too small to pull the float under most of them where between half a pound and a pound in weight, i have seen people use much larger floats when fishing for bream i was able to get away with using a light float due to the lack of wind
  3. on wenesday i managed to get out to a local pond for a days fishing, i set up as usual and plummeted the depth and set my bottom shot about 2 or 3 inches from the bottom of the lake and my hook slightly over depth to make sure i was fishing dead on the bottom. but my float seemed to move across the surface when i had a bite making it sometimes hard to know when to strike, the float was a small 3 no4 shot waggler, i had some nice bream in the swim but i am sure i should have caught more if i had better bite detection, i tried shotting the line with most of the shot with in a foot u
  4. why not take some worms along even in a small bait box full of compost and moss they can last a few weeks, might be a good back up plan if the maggots go out of condition, and non live baits bread, sweetcorn, luncheon meat, hookable pellets etc,
  5. i didnt see them swim, they where just like little snot balls on the bottom of the rock i would like to use them as bait again due to the results i had using them, but most lakes i fish now are silt bottomed and i have never seen them anywhere except that one lake which is more or less unfishable these days due to the amount of kids on motorbikes and idiots hanging about the place but i wouldn't want to take something from one lake to another cos i dont want to be responsible for any diseases or if the things are pests or anything
  6. a few years back i used to fish a lake that had a lot of large pebble on the bottom, one summers day i noticed a small fish dart under a pebble and lifted it to see what had gone under the stone, when i lifted the stone i seen a small loach type fish and stuck to the bottom of the rock was like little blobs that where more or less transparent but with a redish colour. they seemed to stick to the rock in blob shape but when removed opened out into more of a worm shape i decided to put one on the hook and within seconds my float flew under i and caught my first ever 2lb roach, i also caught
  7. i heard the weather forecast for today (sunday) was supposed to be filled with some of the worst weather we have had, so i cancelled my fishing plans and now i am sat here this morning under a clear sky and wishing i had remembered they never get it right and not swapped the plans of fishing to be dragged around tesco with my girlfriend
  8. i got down to the lake this morning about 8:30 and fish till 5 the water had risen and was quiet clear so i threw in a few hand fulls of dark groundbait and fished maggots and sweetcorn, the biggest fish i managed to get was a decent sized roach but i usually get quiet a few nice perch on double red maggot but they never showed up today, hopefully the tench and crucians will come on soon it was good to get back out again
  9. if fishing is so stressful to fish i wonder why its common to catch the same fish multiple times i have caught a tench that had one fin distinctively larger than the other and caught the same fish some weeks later and i have heard of it been caught several times since over the last few years so if it suffered so much surely it wouldn't still be being caught unless there is a population of tench in the pond with odd fins there are rapists, murderers, pedos, etc out there that these people could use there time attacking it really has pee'd me off that these people are out there with no idea
  10. you can get a day rod license online so you dont need to spend the full amount if you are not going to be getting your moneys worth or i think you can still get day licenses from the post office canals are pretty good as they contain most species i have caught barbel and trout in my local canal as well as the usual course fish alot of people who make sea fishing rods and equipment do course fishing stuff Shakespeare, Mitchel, etc check ebay out for a rod or some of the sites listed on here and then head down to your local tackle shop and ask for what are the best methods of fishing
  11. if they got there goal and got fishing banned what would happen to all the fish in private lakes and farm ponds etc, i cant see a land owner having a large body of water taking up space if he cant get the annual permit fees, so the habitat of thousands of fish would be filled in, and our rod license fees that supposedly go to re-stocking and preserving our lakes and rivers would no longer be there, if anything fisherman are keeping lakes and ponds here and in this day and age where blocks of flats are sprouting up on any bit of waste ground available anyone who wants to keep fish here shou
  12. well i am getting some fishing in down my local lake on thursday & friday so if i spot any i will let ya know
  13. i am sort of glad this topic was brought back because as a new member of the forum i never knew that these people existed, and thought the angler had enough to worry about with out these idiots, shame that people have empty spaces in there lives that they need to fill them with such rubbish if they had only chosen to go fishing they might all be better for it
  14. thanks for the tips i am only after a few roach and perch even if i dont catch it will be nice to get outside again for a days fishing anything else is a bonus
  15. Since all the madness of Christmas and decorating the house i havent had the time or money to get a days fishing in since December, but hail rain or snow i am going to down to one of my local waters next week i dont know if i should go to a small farm pool i know fishes well or if i would be better to target a larger water, hopefully fishing my usual method of maggot/sweetcorn/bread over a few hand fulls of bread crumb and trout pellet will pay off
  16. perhaps Mr Oddie should think if it wasnt for anglers there would be less man made lakes and ponds for cormorants and king fishers and other feathered things he likes to peep at with binoculars, i only really took notice of him when he was the voice of the crow in banana man anyway
  17. i know a lot of enthusiasts arent keen on non-fly/lure fishermen having a go but i have never done any fly fishing before and have been invited to go fishing with some friends at a lake containing trout(brownies, rainbows, american brool trout) that allows ledgered worm anyone have any tips (apart from learn how to fly fish properly lol) i have heard that using polystrene to lift the worm from the bottom works well but i dont know what to look for in a good swim unless i am looking for tench/carp/bream if anyone can give me any tips it would be much appreciated cheers
  18. I was at my local lake a few weeks back and 2 young lads sharing a rod seen me and a friend catching a few roach and perch and asked us where the best swims and how to fish where they had one of them daft plastic floats that must have came with the rod from argos and some poor quality oversize hooks to nylon, i supplied them with a float and some shot and they set off and caught a few roach, half an hour later 3 more turned up and asked for floats etc and i told them i didnt have enough floats to go around but there was a reasonably priced tackle shop not far away, after that every 20
  19. i have heard they are great summer tench bait and good for chub and perch, but perhaps targeting mudskippers might be the only option
  20. since my local angling shop doubles as a petshop alot of the anglers use some of the pet foods as baits, and meal worms seemed to be the craze last summer I have seen a whopper perch caught on them and know a few anglers who swear by them but i have never had any success on them, and think that the humble maggot it a much better bait anyone else had any luck with em ?
  21. yeah i would say thats a stickleback a local pond near here (now sadly filled in) used to have thousands of them in, the water was crystal clear and i often used to watch perch feeding on them they can be a nuisance not big enough to move the float but enjoy bitting your maggot to bits the same lake used to hold koi a the tale goes that someones prize fish ended up being dumped in there after an arguement with his wife i dont think that too many of them that where caught made it back into the pond and where taken home for garden ponds i used to spend hours trying to get one
  22. i once caught a small perch only of a few ounces that had no barring on it and was silverish blue in colour, at first i wondered what the hell it was but the shape and topped spined dorsal confirmed it was definitely a perch
  23. there are a lot of yobs/knobheads hanging about a few of the lakes near here one local lake as been more or less over taken by them and it is pointless even trying to go there for a days fishing i have never yet been put in a situation where i have been threatened but the annoyance factor of being asked stupid questions and people hovering about when you have came out to relax and enjoy a days fishing and dont like leaving the car unattended, so i try and get to more secluded locations when possible away from the local council estates people shouldnt have to worry about these idio
  24. a local angler was telling me and a friend about a stretch of canal in the warrington area that flows threw a farmers field that fishes well, and you need to get a day ticket of the farmer and walk threw a cow field to get to it neither of us had a pen or paper and we havent seen the same fella again to ask him again and no one else seems to have heard of it ( i live between liverpool and warrington) hope someone can help as the place sounded like a good place to try
  25. i know you only get what you pay for and all that ,but i am afraid there just a bit pricey for me, my girlfriend would have a fit if i spent that much on a rod at the moment
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